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CiviCRM August release is here: CiviCRM v. 4.7.24 is released!


Big thanks to Andrew Hunt from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes for this version. 
The release notes for 4.7.24 can be accessed here
Please note this version includes:
  1. Changes to database schema 
  2. API changes 
  3. New features 
  4. Bug fixes


Complete list of 4.7 contributors (it's a huge team!) can be found here.
  •  Core CiviCRM updates:
  1. Updated upgrade message text regarding support for PHP5.3 and PHP5.4 More details. 
  2. Civicrm now uses dompdf to 0.8 which is compatible with PHP 7.1 More details.
  3. More friendly 'unable to provide this...' error message More details
  4. Allow styling of page title in Angular More details. 
  5. Now when using the A to Z pager (searching alphabetically) the active selected page is differentiated from the other pages listed More details. 
  6. Improve ordering of report lists when reports have the same weight they will now be ordered alphabetically by title ascending More details. 
  7. Changes Current Employer Report to get Employee Relationship type from the API instead of a hardcoded value More details. 
  8. The version number in the footer now links to the release notes for that version More details. 
  •  CiviContribute
  1. Updates the user experience for partial payments for events, memberships and contributions on entry, editing and display. More details. 
  2. Moves the placement of fields on the backend contribution form to enhance user experience. More details.
  3. Moves the payment processor selection field on the backend credit card contribution form. It is now closer to the billing block. More details. 
  4. QuickForm now allows for a password type field to be added to forms.  More details.
  5. Person in honor of now will show up on contribution receipt More details. 
  6. Now one can add contact custom fields to the Contribution Detail report. More details.
  7. Add transaction date field to listings of transactions More details. 
  8. Separate pledge statuses from contribution statuses More details.
  • CiviMail 

Convert list of groups and mailings in CiviMail to be loaded dynamically  More details. 


  • CiviMember

A new option ties the financial type of a membership payment contribution to the membership type of its related membership. When that membership type gets changed and the option is set, the contribution's financial type changes  More details. 


In addition to this list, this release includes over 50 bug fixes and improvements. 


If you are installing CiviCRM 4.7 from scratch, please use the corresponding automated installer instructions: users:: Prior to 4.7, CiviCRM forced to send out receipt emails regardless of configuration. From 4.7 onwards this will not happen and you should log into your interface and configure whether you want to send out receipts (in addition to those sent by CiviCRM).

Lybunt report users:: Some fields that were previously mandatory on Lybunt are now optional. On new reports they are on by default but you might need to check the fields you want are selected for existing reports.


If your site is highly customized with special code or theming for CiviCRM you will want to upgrade a test copy first and test your customizations. For everyone else, follow these simple steps to get yourself up and running with 4.7.
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