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2016-10-14 09:01
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Recording details of staff contracts and then keeping them updated for any changes to job titles, pay, hours, and other job history essentials is vital not only for legal reasons but also for the proper functioning of your organisation. With participation from our pilot clients, we have developed a new and improved version of our Job Contracts module that should make this process a lot easier.

Often with paper records or spreadsheets, job contract information ends up split across multiple documents. Working out the current terms, or reviewing past changes can result in long searches through filing cabinets or reading through numerous versions of the same spreadsheet.

With our new module, you can now record this information under one tab, and access it even when you are away from the office. We have worked on a clear structure to make it easy for HR managers to gather this information, create reports, revise contracts and view historical changes.


Basic contract information

Each individual will have their own staff profile where HR managers can find information about their current and past job contracts. When creating a new contract, you can store key information such as Contract start date and Contract type. You also have the ability to upload Attachments, such as a scan of the signed version of the contract.


Hours, flexible working and FTE

Record full time, part time, or casual hours, and customise standard hours by different office locations. We also help you calculate Full-Time Equivalents (FTE’s) by looking at what the standard full time hours are in your office.


Record Pay

Record staff pay and choose their pay cycles. Add Benefits or Deductions at any point, such as a Bike Allowance, and CiviHR will automatically calculate what their net pay should be.



Record both the employer and the employee percentage contributions, or, for the employee, enter an absolute amount instead. Manage PensionLife and Health Insurance providers through their own page, where you can store key information for that company.


Contract revisions and history

We give you two ways to change the recorded terms of a contract. Use Change terms if a change affects their overall contract, such as a promotion. This will be recorded in their contract history so that you can always see the previous terms of the contract.

To correct typos or minor errors, you can simply use Correct error and record these without creating a new history tab on that person’s record. This helps to maintain an uncluttered record of actual contractual changes.


We’d be happy to show you more, and as always, listen to your feedback on this new module!

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Thinking box

By 2018, employers will be required to provide a workplace pension scheme for all of their staff. Every organisation will have been given a specific date by which they need to comply; if you can’t remember yours, check it out here. Our Pensions feature is a great place to record and update everyone’s pension details, and from where you can generate the reports necessary to demonstrate compliance.


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