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2020-06-26 01:00
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Hey y’all,

A little bit more news from the Compucorp team and we are super excited to announce the latest release of the Membership Extras extension (that’s v2.1 for those who are counting!).

For those that are unfamiliar with the extension, were building on CiviCRM’s Membership module functionality, adding features like the ability to have annual memberships paid in instalments, offline auto renewal, UK direct debit batching (with the Manual Direct Debit Extension) and lots lots more.

For all the gory details you can read our original blog post here 

What’s new in V2.1?

All sparkling and new like those running shoes you bought as a new years resolution… here are the new features!

Subscription management: 

We teased this back last year, but we’ve now got the first version up and running… 

As the extension provides users the ability to pay for memberships in instalments, it’s very possible that members may want to up or downgrade (or add “add-on’s” during the membership year. The new subscription management screen allows users to change the “subscriptions” that a member has, without needing to manually manage all the different membership start and end dates. You can also set any membership type changes to be enacted automatically starting at the end of the current period in case your members should move to a new membership type at the end of the period!

Direct Debit - Support for large batches

We’ve also added support for high volume direct debit batch export creation. Using CiviCRM’s queuing mechanism the system will now queue the build of your batch, meaning that the system should allow you to support very (very!) large batches. We’ve tested this up to 100k direct debit payments in a single month although do note that your exact scale might be linked to your server/hosting size.

Coming Soon?


Renew/move to Direct Debit: Currently we don’t have a method for users to self serve and “change” to direct debit if they are on an existing payment plan. We are creating a new workflow where a user can access a self service form and be able to “switch” to Direct debit at renewal time without needing to enter any additional details.

How to get membership extras:


Latest CiviCRM v5.25 (preferably the latest version).


To install the extension on an existing CiviCRM site:

  1. Link to extension page:
  2. Download the latest extension to the CiviCRM extension folder. 
  3. Enable extension.

If you need any support installing the extensions then please do contact us at

Currently we haven’t extensively tested the extension(s) with Wordpress or Joomla so would welcome feedback and support to work on those platforms.

Membership extra’s add-on modules:

Direct Debit for Membership Extras - a companion CiviCRM extension that allows organisations to follow standard auddis processes for direct debit.

Webform CiviCRM Membership Extras - a companion Drupal module that brings Drupal webform support for all the extra membership functionality the extension provides.

Webform Direct Debit for Membership Extras - a companion Drupal module that brings the webform support for the Direct Debit extension.

User Guides

Admin configuration guide: Membership Extras

User guide:

Membership Extras:

Direct Debit:

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