Ever been stuck wanting to change the relationships for a membership type? Have we got a solution for you!

2019-08-15 22:27
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In CiviCRM currently, if a Membership Type has Membership records in CiviCRM there is no way in the CiviCRM administration interface to change the Relationship Types that will be used to inherit this membership. This is problematic when your membership structure changes and you need to add or change the Relationship Types used for membership inheritance. This type of change can be implemented using direct database queries or API calls, however this is time-consuming, costly and potentially problematic to implement correctly. This issue has been raised and discussed on the CiviCRM Stack Exchange see https://civicrm.stackexchange.com/questions/14497/need-to-change-membership-inheritance

Introducing the new CiviCRM extension, Membership Relationship Type Editor for CiviCRM.

This extension enables the inherited Relationship Types for an existing Membership Type to be changed and update all existing Memberships affected by this change so that their inherited membership is correct according to the new inherited Relationship Types.

Find out more and download from https://github.com/agileware/au.com.agileware.membershiprelationshiptypeeditor

Happy CiviCRM'ing!


This is a great idea. Would have saved me many many hours of work a few years back! But glad it is an option now. 

Glad you liked it and you might want to just add it to your toolbelt for next time.