Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 13:34
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Update: we've arrived at the point where we are going to be transforming our CiviCRM CDN Tax Receipts Drupal module - to a CiviCRM extension. Thanks to my projects, and Jake's from Peaceworks and Lola's from Freeform we have been able to add a huge amount of functionality during 2013: e.g. Annual Tax receipts, Receipts issued in bulk, reporting, hooks which can be used to decide whether contributions are eligible or not to be receipted based on custom fields, based on amount, and soon to come: inject your own custom PDF letterhead/template as a background template). The added functionality has made it a popular module for CDN non-profits and the requests for a Joomla version are now persistent. So it makes total sense to transform this into an extension now. We've scheduled work on it starting this month!

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Does this extention work with joomla?

Thanks for your help,

Dick Blackwell

Though developed on Drupal - there is no reason why this should not work on Joomla (or Wordpress) - give it a try: - and let us know - our GitHub support queue for issues is located here:


Seems to work now. Likely restarting this computer made the differeance.

I was getting a time-out error.

Cheers, Dick