Denver Sprint Day 1

2015-04-25 13:25
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We are half way through Sprint Day 1 and everyone seems to be busy at work! This is my first Sprint and so far I am very impressed. The focus at this Sprint is on 4.6 documentation, payment processors, translations, extensions reviews, and improving installation process. I am excited to have installed a sandbox version of 4.6, created 3 pull requests (my first ever!!) and completed documentation on repeating activities in 4.6. It does not feel like much but now that I list it here, I am impressed with my progress! For those unsure about attending future sprints, don't be intimidated!!! it has been a great learning experience!! 


We are at the beautiful Snow Mountain Ranch outside Granby, CO and while the sky just clouded over and it looks like rain, it has been beautiful weather so far. It's like being at nerd camp- sign up to help with meals, share bathroom with 5 others, sleep in a bunk bed, and follow the daily schedule! I am looking forward to learning more so that I can provide the best service to my clients! Check back tomorrow for more updates on CiviCON 2015 Sprint and other's experieneces. 


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