Streamlining CiviCRM Reports

Reports are one of the primary ways staff get perspective on data in CiviCRM.  Fundraisers can see month-on-month giving patterns.  Event coordinators can review attendance levels at their last three events.  And Communications teams can see which email inspired the most people to take action on a recent petition.  The more access we have to reliable numbers, the more value we are able to get from CiviCRM and apply towards making informed decisions at our organizations.  That’s why streamlining some of the report interfaces has become a priority for the Wikimedia Foundation.

Would You Want to Become a CiviCRM Ambassador?

When EFF began looking for a new CRM, we were incredibly impressed by the CiviCRM community. CiviCRM users were excited to speak with us about their experiences and developers responded quickly to our questions on the forums. In comparison to other products on the market, we viewed this willingness to help other users as a huge asset and important part of our final decision to adopt CiviCRM. More than eight months after migrating our database, the CiviCRM community still proves to be a tremendous resource for good ideas.