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2011-08-26 17:34
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Code sprint is always fun. It's gives you great opportunity to meet fellow civi folks, collaborate and implement kool stuff :). Last few days has been very interesting. Besides some great meals we also managed to get some work done. ( If you still don't know, food is the most important part of CiviCRM Sprints )

First we shortlisted features / improvements that we want to accomplish during this sprint. Complete list is available at:
  • We started the sprint by converting getContactList(), function that is used in quicksearch into api v3. This will allow developers to build quicksearch like interface ( autocomplete ) on any civicrm forms using jquery or smarty. For eg: "Current Employer" field in profile can be converted into quicksearch autocomplete field using this api.
  • We also focussed on improving usability for profile and filed following issues:
  • Another goal was to add ability to share links in civicrm using social plugins like facebook, twitter etc. So now you will be able to share event and donation pages using social plugin integration.
  • We believe that profile is one of the most used feature in CiviCRM, hence we spent some time in specing out new profile building interface and reviewed new profile creation prototype.
  • We also upgraded jquery and jqueryui to latest stable release.

All usability work is done and committed in trunk and will be part of CiviCRM v4.1 release.

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