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March 18, 2013
By lhubbert Filed under Case studies and user stories, Schools


Lisa presented this work at the SF Meetup in March. Her presentation slides are here

Three years ago I set up a Drupal-based community site for our children’s K-8 public charter school. As the school’s needs grew, I integrated CiviCRM to enable online enrollment, tour registration, ticket sales, volunteer hour tracking, and other functionality that had previously been accomplished through unwieldy paper forms.


As I began to work more closely with a local arts education non-profit, I realized the lessons I had learned from working on the school site were directly applicable to the organization’s needs. SFArtsED runs a summer camp program for children. Till this year, all registrations were completed  on a paper form that was sent, along with a check, via snail mail. The Registrar mailed back four forms to the parent, who filled them out and mailed them back to SFArtsEd, along with a receipt for payment. Last month I set out modernize their camp enrollment process using Drupal, CiviCRM, Ubercart and Webform Integration.

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