Friday, September 19, 2008 - 11:16
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Good news folks, we have a few folks interested in CiviCamp. So CiviCamp is confirmed for Oct 13-14, 2008 in San Francisco. CiviCamp is immediately after BADCamp. If you have not yet registered for BADCamp, please do so now (before it gets full!). We plan on restricting CiviCamp to 10 attendees (for space reasons). If you are interested please contact us soon (send me mail lobo at yahoo dot com, or leave a comment). There will be 6 CiviCRM core developers at CiviCamp! (Kurund, Deepak, Piotr, Yashodha, Dave, Lobo)

Agenda and Goals

The agenda and plans for CiviCamp is maintained here. If you are attending CiviCamp, please edit the agenda and include your goals. We hope to accomplish and add a few cool features and improvements to CiviCRM during CiviCamp. This is not a training event. We expect participants to have some combination of php5 / mysql5 / javascript / CiviCRM / Drupal / Joomla skills.


We will split up total costs incurred with the group participants. The costs are primarily to cover food and location rental (if any). Please post a comment to this post if you are interested and your availability on those dates. Also thoughts on what you'd like to get done in this camp would be appreciated :)


CiviCamp will be held at the Yahoo! San Francisco location (downtown?). We will inform attendees of the address and directions.
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You write:

We plan on restricting CiviCamp to 10 attendees

I think you mean 100, or some other number. Yes?

Tom Geller * San Francisco
Author/Presenter, "Drupal Essential Training" video series at * *

This is the first "camp", so we'd like to keep it small. First priority will be to folks attending both days


I'm interested in attending, but unfortunately won't be available for much of the 13th. Maybe just for the 14th?

Tom Geller * San Francisco
Author/Presenter, "Drupal Essential Training" video series at * *

Still interested. Any actual estimates on costs? There was talk of Free housing at one point... still possible? What are the arrangements? Might this housing also be available for CiviCampers during BADCamp ?

Other housing options/suggestions? I might bring the family and try to make a vacation of it, in which case I expect we'd need to find our own housing.

We seem to have procured a free location (Yahoo! SF offices). So there are no expenses associated with this and as such the event will be free :). We'll potentially try to have a group dinner and group lunches and we'll collect money from attendees for most of these meals

Regarding free housing, i'll contact you and see what we can offer. This to a large extent depends on if we find housing for the rest of the CiviCRM team who are coming for a few weeks :). Worst case scenario, floor space at our house will be available