CiviCRM 2011 Accomplishments and Highlights

2012-01-11 12:48
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CiviCRM had a very successful year in 2011. The project grew significantly in different areas and we made progress on a few long standing issues. The biggest change in our opinion is the increase in community involvement across all aspects of the project.


  • We had 1 major release  which supported Drupal 6, Joomla 1.5 (v3.4) and Drupal 7, Joomla 1.6 (v4.0). We also had 13 minor releases in 2011. A chart of the types of organizations using CiviCRM can be found here along with the usage of various components.
  • We held the 2nd North America CiviCon in Chicago which was organized by Young-Jin Kim from  Emphanos. The 1st CiviCon Europe was held in London and organized by Michael McAndrew, Third Sector Design and David Moreton, Circle Interactive. Each of the conferences had 100+ attendees. We also held user and developer training, and code sprints around these conferences
  • We held 9 book, code and test sprints in 5 countries: US, Canada, UK, Netherlands and Belgium. We had more than 100 participants that attended and contributed at the sprints. A significant percentage of sprint participants have become engaged as code contributors with bug fixes and enhancements.
  • We raised more than USD 100,000 from the community for various CiviCRM Make It Happen campaigns. This resulted in significant usability and scalability enhancements to the core as well as to Membership, Event and Contribution modules.
  • In 2011, we got foundation support from Open Society Institute - OSI, Yellow Dog Foundation and Chintu Gudiya Foundation.
  • We had a total of 63 events (sprints, meetups and trainings) coordinated at across North America, Europe and Asia. A large part of these events were community organized meetups. Meetups were held in multiple cities in the US and UK.
  • We added WordPress integration to CiviCRM in v4.1. This helps us with expanding our target audience. WordPress is the most pervasive and fastest growing open source CMS.
  • Idealware and NTEN Donor Management Study recognized CiviCRM as a Top 10 Solution for Nonprofits in their 2011 study: A Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems in 2011. We also got a good rating in NTEN’s 2011 Nonprofit Data Ecosystem Report. Idealware is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, provides thoroughly researched, impartial and accessible resources about software to help nonprofits make smart software decisions.
  • We had five active community led teams:
  1. Documentation led by Michael McAndrew.
  2. Marketing and Publicity led by David Moreton.
  3. API Team led by Xavier Dutoit, Eileen McNaughton and Erik Hommel.
  4. Views Integration led by Jim Taylor.
  5. Webform Integration led by Coleman Watts.
  • Members of the community also played a leading role in various other projects
  1. Brian S and NYSS resulted in major new scalability, usability and stability improvements
  2. Progressive Technology Project, Will Brownsberger and Xavier Dutoit  enhanced CiviCRM's support for campaigns, surveys and petitions.
  3. Jane and Craig from Rayogram are helping with the launch of a new "user centric" website in early 2012
  • The CiviCRM consulting ecosystem grew significantly in 2011.
  1. We now have multiple hosting providers that are specializing in CiviCRM. CiviHosting in the US, Koumbit in Canada and CiviSites in the UK.
  2. Progressive Technology Project supports 40+ installs on CiviCRM
  3. The New York State Senate supports 62+ senators on their network
  4. Electronic Frontier Foundation and Free Software Foundation are two prominent open source foundations that started using CiviCRM in 2011. They join the Wikimedia Foundation and Creative Commons.
  5. CiviCRM is being used by a fair number of political campaigns at the national, state and local in the run-up to the 2012 US elections. In other countries, the Green Party, Democrats Abroad, Pirate Party and Socialist Party all continue to expand their usage of CiviCRM.
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