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Update December 20th: CiviCRM 4.1 for WordPress is currently in alpha stage. Features for this release include:

* Access all CiviCRM back-office functions as a plugin in the WordPress Dashboard. Admin, editor and author roles have full access. Granular permissioning by role is planned for a future release.

* Create online contribution pages, online event registration pages, and profiles - and include as public pages in your WordPress site (front-end).


You can help make this a solid first release by:

* Downloading and installing

* Trying it out on the public sandbox

* Discussing issues or questions on the forums


Update: This work will be part of CiviCRM v4.1. The release schedule is on the CiviCRM Roadmap

WordPress is the most popular CMS today. Google Trends indicates that WP's popularity is growing at a faster rate than the competition. We've been getting quite a few inquiries from WP users about CiviCRM integration. One of the main stumbling blocks till recently was WP's license which was GPL v2 only which is incompatible with AGPL v3. On Jan 15, 2011 they changed the licence to GPL v2 or later thus making it similar to Drupal / Joomla and also compatible with AGPL v3 (which is the license that CiviCRM uses). This is definitely great news for us to see the licensing situation resolved. You can read more about this licensing change here:

We'd like to involve the WordPress and CiviCRM community in helping make this integration a reality. With that in mind, we've started a new Make It Happen for this feature to be part of CiviCRM v4.0. Details for this Make it Happen is here: Support WordPress Integration with CiviCRM Please spread the word among your wordpress friends who are interested in CiviCRM. Lets Make It Happen

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amazing news! thanks a lot for your efforts.

Is there a way to make CiviCRM work right now with If it is not yet, I am eagerly waiting to hear when it will be integrated more than


Civi is a bit too involved to be deployed on and/or hosted on as a plugin.



Please clarify: Do you mean that there is NOT yet a version of CiviCRM that works with WordPress? Our organization plans to move to CiviCRM very soon, and also to begin using WordPress. Is there a good option for us? I'm really new at this and appreciate advice from people in the know.


my comment was about hosting the plugin on



This would really be a match made in heaven. Vanilla forum has a great integration with WordPress, and CivicCRM would greatly benefit from an integrated state-of-the art blogging engine likewise.

This is excellent news. I have been using WordPress professionally and personally for many years, and have been dying to integrate our charity site with CiviCRM. This will be a 'killer' addon which would significantly expand the usage of both platforms.

This is exactly what our non-profit society needs. Truly can not wait for this to be released. Thank you in advance.

I am a non-techie administrator for both a WordPress CMS website and a CiviCRM database.  This would be a great help.

Any thoughts on how far out until this is a reality?


the proposal has not attracted a lot of funding, so thats the main goal right now. We need to get more funders interested before we can decide on a timeline and resources. Would be great if you / your company can chip in and help out. Funding page is here:



I work for a green building non-profit currently using Drupal and CiviCRM. However, we are considering a transition over the CiviCRM for ease of use and design aesthetics. If needed, we'll have a fairly clumsy integration of CiviCRM and Wordpress (linking to current site with out of the box CiviCRM theme), but it would be a huge benefit for the users to integrate the two. The problem is that our timeline is short: we're planning to launch in a month. Can anyone tell me what the range of timelines could be for this project (shortest vs longest)?




this project is based on the WP / CiviCRM community stepping up and funding it (or someone stepping up and developing and supporting it). As such i would say the most optimistic timeline is 4.1 (in august or so). the worst case scenario is sometime in the far future

I am going to reach out to the community in the forums and user groups, and try to identify some non-profits who use Wordpress already that are in need of a CRM.  They might become donors.

I posted something here on the wordpress forums.  It may also be worthwhile to contact larger non profits who use Wordpress and ask them directly if they want to be involved.

We are a nonprofit and use Wordpress. Would very much like to use CiviCRM.....

I work with a variety of different non-profits that would benefit from this product (one directed me here) and might be willing to at least donate to help. I know the need is there.

I'm working for a non-profit organization (which uses Wordpress) and we would benefit from a CiviCRM integration and also might be willing to donate/pay for this product. Thank you in advance.

Now that the make it happen goal for WP integration has been met, will this integration move forward?


it will be  fairly simple (probably a few manual steps) integration of WP and CiviCRM to begin with and will be part of CiviCRM v4.1 which is expected between Oct - Dec of this year




I work for a non-profit that has been using CiviCRM with Joomla since the end of 2009.

We have a few additional websites (microsites as well) that we run with Wordpress. I find WordPress simpler to roll out and get people up to speed using than Joomla. I would love to be able to switch completely over to WordPress, but need Joomla to run CiviCRM for us.

I would love to help / being involved with the testing of WordPress and CiviCRM if needed.


Same Here!

Count me in for #3... Non profit org with many Wordpress Satelite sites. We got so sick of Joomla we are now integrating a Wordpress site for our main site which is phenomenal. However in the meantime we are having to keep CIVICRM on it's own sub-domain through Drupal which is not ideal by any means. CIVICRM is incredible software, the world is ready for the Wordpress integration...

Forgot to mention we'd also be willing to help contribute resources to this project if needed...


We'd love to get the communitys help to get this into 4.1. Can you please elaborate on what type of resources you can contribute or how you can help during the design / development / building stage?




Hey Lobo,

I'm able to help in the design / dev / building stages. I am a designer. I can test stuff out, things like switching Civi over from Joomla to Wordpress, importing Contacts/Contributions and more. I'm not sure what is needed, but I'm willing to lend a hand.


Let me know how I can be helpful.


I'm happy to help beta test. I customize and develop WordPress and Salesforce for emerging nonprofits, but interested in learning more about CiviCRM.


what type of integration is possible between wordpress and salesforce. I've seen the wordpress to lead plugin, is there anything else?



I'm interested in beta testing this as well as I'd really like to add this to services I can provide to the organisations I currently help on their Wordpress sites.

It's funded. But the task in Jira has no work attached. If the integration is truly going to happen by Novembers 4.1 release, someone better get moving. It was funded- and should be moving forward.

Look forward to beta testing this for the non profit org i work for and potential help out with funding.

So, where does this stand? Will wordpress integration be part of the November release?

Thanks everyone!


I'm interested in the status of this too. The update said it would roll out with 4.1, but I don't see it on the roadmap. Has there been a change of plans?

Yes, Status update please.

sign me up for some CIVI-WP integration. seems like this is behind schedule but please know we want it and appreciate any work being done to make it happen.

Buddypress interest is growing rapidly. Including that integration in the first phase would make the civicrm plugin one of the most powerful the WP community has ever had.

I am an experienced wordpress developer and I have time and resources to put towards making this project happen. I can help with coding, or perhaps more helpful, answer questions about wordpress architecture and best practices. I also know much about buddypress.