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2007-01-12 15:53
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We recently moved our downloads from our server in Poland to The main reasons for this move was to make the download faster and reliable. A side benefit was saving bandwidth and hence costs. One of the unforeseen benefits of this move was we get pretty good download stats from the service and a few surprising results. You can see the stats here. Some interesting things to note ..
  • 125+ downloads a day! Wow, I did not expect such a large number of downloads. Some percentage of this is folks upgrading to the latest revision etc, but still its a fairly high number. We don't see a corresponding increase in the civicrm-dev mailing list sign-up, which probably means people are not aware that the mailing list is our primary support channel (the joomla forum is our secondary support channel)
  • The downloads are pretty even across all distributions. Good to know that half the downloads are on php5 (since thats our platform of choice). Good to know that we have a fairly decent joomla base :)
  • How much of this is true downloads vs robots and/or search engines? Does anyone have any experience with stats to speculate on this?
We definitely need to start tracking our progress in a more methodical manner (download stats, web stats, mailing list stats, forums etc). Numbers are gold when we start writing grant proposals and we need to get our act together on that one. If you know and/or have access to a good system administrator who can set up and improve our current infrastructure and integrate a few other open source packages, please let us know. I've got a preliminary wishlist on our wiki here.
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