Monday, August 27, 2007 - 12:57
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We need someone who has used and is familiar with CiviCRM to give an introduction to CiviCRM at Drupal Camp LA. The forum post from the camp organizer is here.

From the forum post:

Looking for a CiviCRM speaker for DrupalCampLA on Sept 8 & 9th, 2007. There are many Drupal users who avoid using CiviCRM because of the perceived learning curve. If you can lead a discussion on CiviCRM for DrupalCampLA, please sign-up at

Would be great for someone in the community to step up and help attract more folks to CiviCRM

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if anyone's interested (@ the la camp), i'll describe how i've used/using civicrm for the cherokee nation's voter file, and for the draftgore california ballot project, both are a mix of locale and national voter/activist contact data, and whatever outreach (push) mechanisms anyone is interested in.

otherwise i'll talk about i18n and doing draftgore in en/es.

or i'll just listen and ask dumb questions.

if you have a script you'd like presented, and you don't have a presenter, drop me a line.

ebw - thank you so much. Here is a link to the BarCamp Wiki just in case you need it-> Go ahead and select your slot.

I look forward to meeting you! Laura

Hi - If you'd like to cover some "general" introductory or advanced topic materials in your session - I've posted outlines for sessions that Michal Mach and I gave at the eAdvocacy Jamboree in July on the wiki. Feel free to grab them and use or modify as needed.