Test drive CiviCRM v1.8 and Drupal 5.2 on CSOD ...

2007-08-04 13:13
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Kieran Lal from CivicSpace on Demand has made 1.8 Beta along with Drupal 5.2 available for free (mailing limit restrictions apply) on the CSOD web server. This is good news indeed and helps folks evaluate Drupal 5.2 and CiviCRM 1.8 without the install hassles. For more details you can read Kieran's post on the CiviCRM forums at:

CiviCRM 1.8 Beta sites on CivicSpaceOnDemand available for free

If this is of interest please sign up. Organizations like CSOD are super important to the CiviCRM ecosystem and we/they need your help and support to make the ecosystem strong and vibrant. So check and forum and contact Kieran :)

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