Monday, March 5, 2007 - 17:07
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I've installed and am running Zend Platform 3.0.0 on my MacBook. I'm quite pleased with the stability and reliability of the platform. have not done any major testing regarding the speed increase, but I suspect its not noticeable since the machine is not very loaded and already quite responsive

Zend has introduced a new developer license scheme, where you can run Zend Platform for free on your development box. This is quite good for us since we dont have to pay for it. However there are two minor things that are annoying:

  • Would be nice for the folks at Zend to follow in the fine footsteps of Atlassian (Confluence, Jira) and Cenqua (FishEye, Crucible) and give ALL open source projects a free license for their product
  • I wanted Zend Platform for its integration with BIRT. However the folks at Zend decided to disable the Java-Bridge feature for the developer license. Why issue a developer license if you disable some of its features?

I hope Zend changes course on the above and gives developers of open source projects the tools that make them productive :)

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