CiviCRM Mumbai Meetup: Day Two

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2008-01-22 06:25
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Anonymous (not verified)
The results of the first day of our Mumbai meetup were quite impressive. We successfully knocked out around 7-8 issues. Day two started out with high energy levels. We divided the day into three sessions. In the morning session, Piotr introduced us to the world of internationalization and some of the do-s and don’t-s about using ts() (the translation function). He also gave us a demo on using the Pootle-based translation server. In the afternoon session, we started working on the issue list and managed to knock out few more issues. In the evening session, we had two presentations. First presentation was by Marie and the topic was using Jing and to create CiviCRM screencasts. The screencasts are really useful for giving visual demos of CiviCRM. Second presentation was by Lobo, who introduced us to the fascinating world of controllers and state machines. After that we had brief discussion on handling time zones and the optimization of upgradeMembership.php script, as well as some general best coding practices. Thus, the second day of the camp saw 8-10 issues knocked off of the 2.0 issue list. And at the end of the day, we celebrated Junia’s birthday, the India team’s Dojo geek. Happy Birthday, Junia! :)
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