March 24 San Francisco Meet Up

If you were thinking of attending the CiviCRM meet up last Wednesday or wondering what exactly is shared, discussed, explained, who attends?…
Also, no worries if you're a bit late, we leave a number at the door for you to call

The meeting was attended by approximately 20 people who were new to CiviCRM, people who have decided to use CiviCRM and people who use and or develop it everyday and had specific questions.

After short introductions, we split into 3 smaller groups.
Group A talked about CiviSchool -

UK User Training

I attended a one day user camp in London, UK last Thursday. The experience level ranged from people wanting to know more about CiviCRM and if it would be a good fit for their organization, to people who have decided to use it and were now keen to get more training.