Allow users to register for events, buy products in combined cart through Drupal Commerce

2021-12-30 07:37
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Combining the power of Drupal Commerce with the flexibility of CiviEvent, Skvare’s team of experts developed the Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration module allowing website managers to build a storefront that includes both events and merchandise.

Drupal Commerce storefront.

In the example above, a website offers classes and books through its commerce store. With Drupal Commerce, website managers can easily sell products and, through CiviEvent, users can register and pay to attend events. With the Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration module, both can be done through one interface, simplifying the build and making the entire process better for end-users.

Following installation and setup instructions for using Drupal Commerce for CiviCRM event registration provided by Skvare’s developers, customers can add any event listed in the commerce store to their cart. Customers also can add other products from the store such as class materials, custom shirts, or parking passes — anything commerce — to their cart. 

Drupal Commerce product page

This allows end-users to see everything in a single cart and follow one checkout process to purchase products, pay event fees and register for events. The best part for website managers is because this uses CiviEvent, the end-user is registered for the event in CiviCRM where scheduled jobs can send email reminders, be added to groups for future fundraising efforts, or be granted access to special web pages just for attendees. 

Drupal Commerce Cart.

The Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration Drupal module developed by the team of experts at Skvare brings two great tools together making website management easier and improving user experience.

Learn more about how Skvare’s team of Drupal and CiviCRM experts help organizations better deliver on their missions when their technology does more.

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Wondering if the registration uses profiles, so that different events can gather different information on the registrant.