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Exactly one month from now, a team of CiviCRM developers, implementors and users will sprint to update 'Understanding CiviCRM: A Guide for Non-profits'. We've heard from lots of folks that to have this free online book as a learning resource is really important. And we're pretty excited about this sprint, especially given the amount we achieved last time.

There is lots to update and improve and we'd like your input to make the new version of the book as useful as possible to you. There are a few ways in which you can help now.

  • Feedback to us on the current book. What did you like and what wasn't so good. What bits were missing, and what was unnecessary or confusing? Please add your comments on the book sprint wiki page.
  • Volunteer to help remotely during the sprint. If you can't join us for the sprint, there are still ways to help before during and after. If you have some hours that you could contribute during the sprint, let us know by commenting below. We're going to buddy up remote contributors with people in the room to make it easier to co-ordinate remote contributions.

Some of the our aims at the moment are

  • Complete coverage of new CiviCRM functionality (we didn't get to some components and features last time, and of course new features have been added since!)
  • Restructuring / rewriting some of the weaker sections of the book (based on your feedback!)
  • Upgrading all sections to reflect 3.2 functionality and 'future-proofing' content
  • Re ordering and restructuring some sections and chapters

So let us know how we can make the book work best for you, and get ready to order yourself a shiny new copy of Understanding CiviCRM!

PS. You can read previous blog posts about the booksprint by clicking the book sprint category below.

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One volunteer for some hours present, I will contribute 8 hours. Happy with the book, more stuff like that much appreciated!

Would be great if you could write a detailed step by step howto on civicrm multi-site configuration, how stable it is and how it's related to drupal multi-site functionnality.
There's already a terse chapter on this in the official doc (see but i found it confusing

Thanks !

Definitely an area that needs better explanation - both what you can do with it, and better configuration steps / details. I've added it to the outline brainstorm.

Hi there,

I'm guessing you're planning to do this in San Fran? Just reading the wiki comments there is a lot of new content and it seems like in some ways it will be harder task as I expect people won't know a lot of the newer aspects of Civi backwards so will have to research them so have the exact details correct.

So, I guess it will be interesting to see how it goes but it might be worth considering some targetted mini-sprints on specific topics if there is still a lot to cover at the end of it.