Registration for CiviCamp Berlin on May 16 is open

2022-04-25 04:44
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Over the holidays, we finally opened the registration for the Berlin CiviCamp on May 16. Sorry it took so long - we have had a heavy work load in our ongoing projects recently, plus Corona hit us fully with sick leaves of staff and closed child care facilities. 

Follow this link for more information and the registration page. The form is available in German only, so please use a translation service if that's an obstacle for you. We will make sure that a part of the presentations will be in English so everybody should find something useful for them in the program, however some parts will be in German only.

If you have any requests, or you would like to make a presentation, get in touch via email to

Please do also note the three-day community sprint following the conference! Information and registration options are here.

Hope to see you in Berlin!

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