Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 09:38
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Direct Debit, is easy, convenient and safe. It is the UK’s favourite way to make payments automatically, and there has been a Make It Happen for Direct Debit Integration.

We have developed a module to handle monthly memberships and recurring donations paid by Direct Debit. You can download the code from GitHub. Installation instruction are inside the module itself.
You can find the process flow here and the manual for the module here.
This module is not a payment processor which connects with a third party direct debit processing service. This module is just used to create the Lodgement and Payment CSV files, which can be then posted into BACS system for DD processing. 
P.S: This module is still in beta testing. Although we still consider the release as beta our tests have had very positive results and we hope that we will release a production version soon, after some code clean up and enhancing the support document.



Great news! I'm glad CiviCRM will soon have this module included.

... should be very useful for quite a few organizations.

Hi - I am REALLY looking forward to this new feature being integrated into a future release of civicrm.  In the meantime, can you confirm that it will work with any DD payment processor?  We are not satisfied with our current processor and would like to move, but I only want to switch if we are going to be able to keep using them after the civicrm implemenation of the above module. Thanks!