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We're fortunate to find Sir Civi in the midst of the Bug Smithing Weekend, and get a quick interview from him while his horse is being watered. So how's it going ?

Sir Civi: "Twenty two. So far, that is. Nasty creatures, them Bugs. Spoil the fun for everyone. Lurking in a piece of code that noone tested, popping up at the least opportune moment (like when you're doing a demo). Takes the fun out of moving to the next release."

-- Do you feel this release is getting more and more stable ?

Sir Civi: "O, definitely. We're down to the tricky type of Bug. Not visible to the untrained eye, only when you do real life stuff, you know, like running your real instance through an upgrade and looking at the details."

-- So, you would prefer people to do more realistic testing ?

Sir Civi: "Yes please. There's still people out there finishing the Weekend testing, but the more the merrier."

-- OK - but by the way, where's the medieval accent you normally speak in ?

Sir Civi (looks dumbfounded) : "... well paint my armour pink, there be a Bug in yonder Translation files ... lest thy fellow Knights go forth and cast a glance at translations and code alike, no Smithing shall be truly finished !"

Upon which, in a practiced movement, he leapt upon his horse and rode of, brandishing his lance and yelling his battle cry (something about git and regression testing).

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In case you wonder why the title does not start with XXII, it's because Knights are not Romans. Slashing vertically is easier in armour than slashing a cross. Knights are fundamentally lazy if they have a choice -- probably due to the weight of the armour.

I'm assuming the interview was conducted over IRC, or did you meet sir civi in person?

Well played, Sir, a pleasure to read your posts.