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2012-08-14 05:02
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GiftAid has been ported to a Civi Extension for 4.2, so that it can be used in CiviCRM irrespective of the CMS. The extension has been tested in Drupal 7, Joomla and Wordpress. Hope it will make especially Joomla folks happy, as there were requests in the forum about porting the module as a Joomla Plugin.


Latest improvements include

  • Simplying/re-structuring the custom data group used in Giftaid to make it more meaningful
  • Enforcing the contact to have a home address for creating a GiftAid declaration
  • Giftaid profile to use address fields of Location type: Home
  • Copying the home address to the GiftAid declaration at the point of creating the declaration
  • Only contributions of status 'Completed' can be added to a GiftAid batch, to be submitted to HMRC.

Download link:

Installation instructions:

For information about the latest improvements, please visit:,24653.msg103783.html


Moving forward the extension will be maintained in Github.

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