CiviHR Recruitment: Insights from an HR Professional

2013-12-15 01:06
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Progress Made Since Previous Blog

In my previous blog on CiviHR Recruitment, I had shared our approach to develop the business requirements for this module. We created the first version and shared it on our wiki page for feedback from the Civi Community. We also reached out to several reputed nonprofits to get some feedback straight from the horse's mouth - the HR professional who is the intended end user of CiviHR. 

We are delighted to share that we are now benefitting from the over two decades of domain experience that Mr. Sajan Thomas, Head - Human Resource at Magic Bus India brings with him. He has worked in both the corporate and nonprofit sector, and as such has a nuanced understanding of the similarities and differences of the HR function in both worlds. 


Insights Shared

Sajan says, "Recruitment is all about attracting the best resources available in the market and make them undergo the selection process. If this part is not done correctly, selection strategies will fail as their role is to eliminate the two out of three or four out of five and hire the one which is left." The feedback subtly but surely shifts the focus of the first half of the recruitment cycle, and hence CiviHR Recruitment.

Clearly, the first few workflows must be able to support a marketing and outreach role, where dashboard indicators like the available budget for different media channels and lead time to fill job vacancies would be very helpful for the end user. This is quite distinct from the second half of the recruitment cycle - also called Selection - where an easily searchable database of applications and quick ways of recording communication would make a world of difference. 


Next Steps

We shall incorporate Sajan's recommendations to create the second version of CiviHR Recruitment business requirements on the wiki in the coming week. We also hope to sign up more HR professionals to review business requirements, and mock screens when we get to that stage.  


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