CiviHR 1.4 beta is here!


We are excited to announce the release of CiviHR 1.4 beta - a version that is all about increased usefulness of existing modules based on feedback from our valued nonprofit partners. A very special thank you to Katherine Causton from UK Youth, Jane Doughty from Farm Africa, Aparna Patil and Archana Bagra from SNEHA, and Bhavini Goswami and Amit Shah from AKRSPI for some great suggestions! 

Announcing CiviHR 1.3 beta1 Release

We're excited to share that CiviHR 1.3 beta1 is ready for release. It contains a whole new module – Recruitment – to help non-profits and small/medium sized businesses streamline their recruitment and selection process.  If you are new to CiviHR, you can read about it here.
CiviHR 1.3 is compatible with CiviCRM 4.5. Please make sure to upgrade your CiviCRM to 4.5 before upgrading CiviHR to 1.3.

What's New

CiviHR Training: Initial Thoughts on Business Requirements

CiviHR 1.2 Beta was released yesterday, most of the team is already working on the Recruitment module (see Tim's blog with mockups), while the rest of us are now putting together business requirements for the next major module - Training. This is an exciting time in the CiviHR project!


CiviHR Recruitment: Insights from an HR Professional


Progress Made Since Previous Blog

In my previous blog on CiviHR Recruitment, I had shared our approach to develop the business requirements for this module. We created the first version and shared it on our wiki page for feedback from the Civi Community. We also reached out to several reputed nonprofits to get some feedback straight from the horse's mouth - the HR professional who is the intended end user of CiviHR. 

User Control over Data Privacy

India has over 3.3 million registered non-profits (one for every 400 people!), many of which are growing and looking for better solutions to manage their fundraising efforts. There is an immense and exciting opportunity at hand. 
My team works closely with several non-profits that use CiviCRM in India, of which some have an international presence. Over the last six months we have had the opportunity to introduce CiviCRM to many other non-profits, who were very impressed by the wide range of functionalities already built into this affordable CRM.