CiviHR Recruitment: First set of requirements up for review

2013-12-01 07:16
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The Purpose of CiviHR Recruitment

To me, the effort put in to build any system is worthwhile when it allows organizations to deliver better experiences all around. The CiviHR Recruitment function aims to deliver just that by:

  • enhancing the experience of candidates who interact with non-profits for jobs, and 
  • simplifying life for recruiters by cutting down paperwork and data entry, making it easy to find and review candidates, and providing ways to communicate effortlessly with all candidates

To know more about the scope of the CiviHR project, please read Andrew's synopsis.


Consumer's Expectations

Before we set out to write what we want the recruitment function to do, it seems worthwhile to understand the expectations of the consumers of this technology. In other words, what is it that people would expect from a recruitment software in today's world? There are some great studies available on the Internet that point out the biggest trends in recruitment software in 2013. Here are some that caught my eye:

  • Consumers want software that is easily customizable and has powerful data-mining capability
  • Consumers want a software that helps them to decide which candidates to spend time on
  • Consumers want automation that helps to move candidates efficiently through the recruitment pipeline 
  • Consumers want to deliver a great experience to the candidates who apply for jobs at their organization

And much, much more. 


Creating the Fundamental Requirements

After this initial literature review, the next steps are to collect data, and analyze it to come up with what we want the Recruitment function of CiviHR to deliver. We have used resources in the public domain and our own experience of working in the developement sector to publish the first set of requirements on the wiki.

We have also begun the process of talking to nonprofits to understand their current approach to recruitment and the challenges faced by them.

The requirements listed in the spreadsheet there will get refined over the next few weeks based on your comments and from our own interaction with non-profits. Please do share your ideas and help build some great workflows!

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