CiviHR Recruitment: Business Requirements Nearly Complete

2014-01-21 07:12
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A Quick Update

I find it delightful that my first blog post in the new year is to share with you the near completion of business requirements for CiviHR Recruitment. For the story so far, please catch up here.

Since the Previous Blog

One of our key strategies for the development of these business requirements was to involve HR professionals in the process, based on the reasoning that they would be the end user and hence best placed to identify gaps and priorities. Such collaboration and communication demand time. However, it does yield rich benefits - the requirements have grown sharper with each iteration. We would love to improve further with your feedback and ideas, so please do share your comments on the wiki or at the end of this blog. 

I was particularly fascinated by a suggestion made by Sajan. Typically, HR managers create a selection process based on nature of the role for which recruitment must be done. For instance, the selection process for a senior management role may involve a written test, three interviews and a psychometric analysis, while that for a junior role might require only one interview. This means that CiviHR would be more powerful if it allowed the HR manager to add any number of tests that would make up the selection process. And if it came with a scoreboard where the performance of each candidate in these tests could be recorded to automatically throw up the top performers - life would be so simple! We explored several HRM applications but they did not have this capability, which means the scoreboard function could become one of CiviHR Recruitment's unique advantages over similar applications in the market. 

Next Steps

In the next couple of days, we will hand over the final requirements to Tim Otten, so that he can start thinking about design and implications of various business requirements. Tim, Yashodha, Andrew and I are working on CiviHR Recruitment all through next week. If you are attending the CiviDay 2014 - Coworking and Meetup that Jamie is hosting at Gamesys in London, that would be a great time to talk to us!

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