GSoC Project: Outlook365 Extension

2020-07-03 05:23
Written by

Wrapping up the first phase of GSoC, I am summarizing work done in the past one month. I have been working on the Outlook365 extension, initially developed by Jaap. Outlook365 enables users to query CiviCRM as an address book when using either Microsoft Outlook 365 Web and Desktop clients. If you are using CiviCRM and Outlook365, you can find steps here on how you could integrate your CiviCRM with Outlook365.

My work in this GSoC is focused on enhancing the extension. Adding more functionality and making it more user friendly. 

These are the areas I covered in Phase 1:

  • User Interface:
    • Making extension more user friendly.
    • Easy Navigation between Contacts, Groups and Settings.
  • Mailing Groups
    • You can send email to all the contacts in the mailing group.
    • You can also select contacts across different mailing groups.
    • Ability to CC mail to one group while sending email to another group. (Same for BCC) 
  • Searching Ability:
    • Search Ability to directly search a CiviCRM contact or group, by name.

The first phase of GSoC was limited to reading the address book from CiviCRM. Second phase would be focused on writing to the CiviCRM address book as well, where users can add contact to CiviCRM address book from Outlook365 Extension.

Mentoring from Agileware, Justin Freeman