Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 00:02
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Everyone is continuing to produce an incredible amount of content for the book, plus rework and update areas that were showing some age. The new set of chapters for developers and people who want to extend CiviCRM is really fantastic. Everyone who has been wanting to extend CiviCRM, but didn't know where to start should be able to dive in. Everyone is increasing their knowledge of CiviCRM, getting ideas for new features and improving existing features. I overheard someone comment that they have learned more about CiviCRM working on this book than they did at the DrupalCon CiviCRM sessions.

We all went for a much-needed walk around the lake in the afternoon. The dinner prepared by Jill was once again a treat. Jill explained how she made everything, but I don't think I stand a chance of being able to prepare any of the dishes.

Hats off to Tim Homewood who was at CiviCon last week and today was on the irc channel at: and was helping review and give feedback on the upcoming book. This community rocks.

Unfortunately we finished off the last of the Swiss chocolate that Goran brought from Europe, but somehow we have managed to carry on.


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Hmmm Jill's cooking - now I'm feeling jealous!

The additional developer notes sound promising--thank you. Being able to extend CiviCRM into other CMS beyond Drupal and Joomla such as WordPress, Expression Engine and Silverlight an others would be of great value. Can we get a sneak peek?

Take a look at the updated book at: You'll want to check out the section "Extending CiviCRM"