Thursday, July 12, 2007 - 04:18
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CiviCRM 1.8 is coming along nicely and we are more or less on track regarding release schedule. We plan for another alpha release early next week.

After publishing the first alpha release and announcing that the sandbox is up a week ago we started to receive the first stream of 1.8-specific bugs, which we started resolving right away. We hope to get the number of currently open 1.8 issues down to a single digit by the end of the week; the number of resolved 1.8 issues is over 170, with over 70 of them being improvements and new features. Also worth visiting is the CiviCRM 1.8 feature overview.

As the CiviCRM 1.8 development approaches its final stages, we started to shape the goals for CiviCRM 2. With 1.8 being the last CiviCRM version to support PHP 4 and MySQL 4.1, we’re happy to finally be able to fully use PHP 5’s and MySQL 5’s features not available in previous versions – but this deserves a post of its own. :)

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