CiviCRM 3.3.6 released

2011-03-28 11:06
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The team is excited to announce the release of CiviCRM 3.3.6 - it is now available for download. You can also try it out on our demo site. This is a bugfix release resolving a few issues.


What's new?

Here is a overview of the feature list for this stable release :

  • CiviMail workflow functionality (Rules Integration). Read more here.
  • Back-office staff can now enter recurring contributions for constituents. Constituents can signup for automatically renewing memberships via online contribution pages. Back-office staff can also create auto-renew memberships. (Both features require use of, PayPal Pro or PayPal Standard payment processors) Read more here.
  • First version of new CiviCampaign component, it includes initial support for Canvassing, Surveys and Petitions.
  • Advanced search extended to show objects other than contacts (and object related actions) - including activities, contributions, etc.
  • Serious dedupe performance improvements.
  • First take on extension mechanism for CiviCRM, allowing creation and distribution of plugins (payment processors, custom search, custom report templates for now).
  • New case and grant reports.
  • Better "session" management support for CiviEvent.
  • First version of database logging, so you will be able to see who changed what and when.
  • Address sharing between any two contacts.


You can download the release from SourceForge - select from the civicrm-stable section. The filenames include the 3.3.6 label: civicrm-3.3.6. Make sure you're downloading correct version: for Drupal or Joomla.


New Installations

If you are installing CiviCRM 3.3.6 from scratch, refer to the installation guide:

Upgrading 2.2.* or 3.0.* or 3.1.* or 3.2.* Sites to 3.3

The procedure for upgrading to 3.3.6 is the same as for upgrading to 3.0.x. You can upgrade directly from 2.2.x or 3.0.x or 3.1.x or 3.2.x. Instructions:

We will continue to include automated upgrades for subsequent releases of 3.3 - so you should be able to upgrade your site easily over the course of the release cycle.

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