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2014-08-21 12:12
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CiviTeacher organizes clear and concise videos into a portable and searchable training library.

Last September CiviTeacher launched with 14 published videos. I promised to make at least one new screencast per week until the end of 2013 and I delivered. Today CiviTeacher offers 53 videos, is still growing... and is the only available service of its kind. Rates start as low as $15/month or $150/year USD. I've learned a lot about making useful content for beginners as well as advanced users.

I consider CiviTeacher to be financially self-sustaining, although not a replacement for my job as an independent consultant (yet). Given the small, budget-conscious marketplace of CiviCRM users, I'm pleasantly surprised by the number of organizations who subscribed. Speaking of subscribers, who uses CiviTeacher?

CiviCRM Webform Integration

Most CiviTeacher customers are non-profits who need a readily-available training resource and share a login amongst their staff. Others are agencies or consultants who are new to CiviCRM and want to get a jump start as implementers. Some of my own clients signed up too (thanks!) and they watch videos to answer their questions rather than pay me by the hour. Other clients of mine still prefer personal contact and direct help. That's fine! CiviTeacher is not a barrier between people - it's just one more tool in the shed to bring people together and do good work.

CiviTeacher has partnered with a few implementers such as CiviDesk and CiviHosting to provide accounts for their customers. If you're a consultancy interested in doing the same please let me know.

CiviTeacher has also worked with Coleman Watts, author of the Drupal Webform CiviCRM Integration module and CiviTeacher is one of many services included by the Core Team as benefits in the upcoming CiviCRM membership program. Those who join will be offered a 30% discount off of a one-year subscription to CiviTeacher as part of their welcome package.

CiviTeacher: We look forward to helping you learn!

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