29 May, 2008
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Here's a description I first wrote a few months ago when I was tossing back and forth ideas to build this kind of system in a different context. I've adapted it a bit to suit the current terminology. I originally posted it in the forum, which is where I'd invite you to put your comments. A case management system is basically a big table of activities, which come from various sources. The sources might include:
  • humans entering them into a web form
  • another system spitting out an event stream, which is then parsed, filtered and stored
Activities involve, and therefore refer to, people and organizations. In CiviCRM and CiviCASE we refer to people and organizations as Contacts. When Contacts are associated with activities or milestones (by participating in them in some way) they acquire a relationship to (or role in) that activity or milestone. For example,... Read more
19 May, 2008
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Case management is a central activity for a large number of non-profits and NGO's who are current or prospective users of CiviCRM. Basic support for defining cases as a grouping of activities with a "client" was added to CiviCRM 2.0 through the sponsorship of Frontline Defenders. Subsequently, interest has been growing for adding more comprehensive case management support to CiviCRM. Earlier this year Michelle Murrain of NOSI organized a lively discussion list which allowed folks to share ideas about requirements and use cases. Andrew Clarke, the Executive Director of The Physician Health Program of British Columbia (PHP-BC) was one of the participants in that discussion. PHP-BC provides "advocacy and support for physicians...who are experiencing problems related to personal and family emotional health issues..." They have been looking to replace their current... Read more