10 July, 2012
By seank
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Here in the UK we're busying ourselves with organising our second CiviCRM conference, at Westminster Hub on the 19th September. You can read lots more about it here - http://london2012.civicrm.org,  and book early to benefit from the Early bird discounts now available!

CiviCon is the annual CiviCRM event bringing together the people who develop, design, implement, administer, and use CiviCRM.

We've already recruited many great speakers, developed breakout sessions and panels highlighting real-world examples of nonprofits growing and sustaining relationships using CiviCRM. Plus we've booked a great venue in the heart of London, and begun to promote the event to everybody we think it will be useful to

We're having weekly meetings on IRC to continue developing the most interesting and enjoyable conference held to date, and...

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14 June, 2012
By brylie

Michael McAndrew

[F]orget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. --Kahlil Gibran


Yuba Confluence

[T]hat which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky... --Kahlil Gibran


    [T]here are those who give and know not pain in giving, nor do they seek joy,...

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07 April, 2012
By lobo

At CiviCon, Gunner from Aspiration Tech facilitated a session with the entire community soliciting feedback, discussion and comments on the project. It was a good opportunity for everyone to give feedback on the state of the project, things that we are doing a good job with, and things that we can improve. We ended up doing a collaborative grouping of the feedback in various categories and sorting the comments.

Some of the positives that are worth highlighting include:

  • Folks loved the responsiveness, culture and support on forums and IRC.
  • The Make It Happen feature is a big hit. The ability to read detailed descriptions on a blog post and comment on that is appreciated.
  • Progressive Tech Project, PalanteTech and core team got quite a few appreciations.
  • Lots of mention of the open welcoming nature and passion of the community.
  • Raising and talking about the gender issue was appreciated.
  • Lots of...
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05 April, 2012
By lobo
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We had our 4th CiviCon in San Francisco a few days back. It was a very well attended event with very high quality sessions. We hope to have most of the videos online in the next few weeks. I'm quite keen on watching all the sessions that I had to miss. There were lots of highlights for me personally during this event, i'll make an attempt to recreate some of them here:

  • The quality of the talks I attended were very high. Most groups are using CiviCRM very creatively and pushing the limits in multiple ways. We need to continue on increasing the extensibility thus giving developers / integrators more choice.
  • The quality of the Birds of a Feather session was very high. Unfortunately these were not recorded. Jim's talk on how they use ...
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03 April, 2012
By Eileen
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Yesterday was CiviCon in San Francisco. I made it to CiviCon in London last year but this was my first US CiviCon. The gathering was even bigger this year with about 130 people and 4 concurrent sessions running throughout the day. It was great to see such an enthusiastic bunch of people and to catch-up with old friends and put a face to online connections. The venue was brimming with the open honest enthusiasm which seems to be part of the North-American culture.


I didn't see everything all the talks & it would be impossible for me to tell everything that happened through the day but there are a few things that stood out from what I did see.


  • EFF did an inspiring talk telling us about how important it is for non-profits to have access to CiviCRM. They talked both about the non-profit sector* and about the experience EFF had with CiviCRM. They talked about the importance of good affordable tools to...
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22 December, 2011
By lobo

The CiviCRM team invites you to CiviCon 2012


CiviCon – the annual conference for CiviCRM developers, implementers, administrators and users – is happening in the San Francisco Bay Area on April 2nd. Early bird registration is just $75 and ends less than a month away on January 30th, so reserve your spot now.

CiviCon is the annual CiviCRM event bringing together the people who develop, design, implement, administer, and use CiviCRM. We'll have great speakers, breakout sessions and panels highlighting real-world examples of nonprofits growing and sustaining relationships using CiviCRM. Find out about the future of the platform through discussions with the core team. You'll have ample opportunity to ask questions, meet other users and developers, make valuable connections, and get involved in the community.


Are you staff...

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14 October, 2011
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For those of you who are thinking about ways you can promote your business as well as help support and grow the CiviCRM community :-) ...

DrupalCon 2012 is in Denver in March and the deadline for session proposals is October 26th (less than 2 weeks away). If you're planning on attending DrupalCon, and you have some exciting stories to share about client successes using CiviCRM + Drupal - this is a great opportunity to "blow your horn." You can also check out already submitted proposals for examples. It would also be great if a group of consultants were up for co-sponsoring an exhibit hall booth.

NTEN's annual conference is in San Francisco April 3-5 (starting the...

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10 September, 2011
By xavier
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We have continued the research to see how often someone tweeted about organisations that happen to use CiviCRM. We analysed 2023 tweets by 724 users about 175 sites. Not a lot of new sites since last month, but a lot more tweets.

our twitter bot from TTTP (tweet civi) and and some new skills on R allowed us to get more graphs and updated information.


What have they tweeted about?

like last month, about 2/3rd of the tweets where about events, much more than donation, petition and profile. On average, each site has 6 tweets about it (median is 3)....

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06 September, 2011
By xavier


Two weeks already since civicon, the dust has settled and Amy Dobbs and the team at skillmatters have filmed and uploaded the sessions.

  • For those that have attended CiviCon london and ended up the day desperate about all the nice sessions they missed, you'll be pleased to know that you can see them online.
  • For those that missed CiviCon london, well, really, you should have been there, we missed you and we hope you'll be able to attend the next one.
  • For the speakers, could you post a comment with a link to your slides? I'll update this article.

Anyway, the videos are online too, a couple needs some setting changes to be viewed, stay tuned and come back soon.


welcome to civicon state of the project & keynote

By Kurund Jalmi,...

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02 September, 2011
By davem

I’ve just come out of the Code and Book Sprint in Lincolnshire where we made good progress on lots of fronts and had a really good time. It was great to put faces to names and share food as well as ideas. A major breakthrough means D6 support should continue, while the main CiviCRM manual got a thorough overhaul and spawned a new Developer Manual, and some good thinking made serious improvements in CiviCase scalability. All good stuff and it all drives the project forward on one level or another. However, for me one of the most important things that happened was a much smaller conversation in the kitchen - missed by many - about Marketing.

We reviewed the marketing output of the last year, which didn’t take very long, and set to thinking what we can do to move things forward. Filled with the excitement of the moment...
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