08 April, 2011
By Stoob
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These are some graphs I created from the data publically available at CiviCRM's Sourceforge.  Sourceforge provides limited data only on the release dates of a version (i.e. 3.1.5) and then the number of subsequent downloads to date but we can still interpret some useful conclusions from the data.  Dave Greenberg shared one of these graphs at CiviCon.  The data is from Mar 1, 2011 so I wanted to publish them before the data became too stale.


The first graphic is the simplest to understand - CiviCRM all versions 2.x compared to all versions 3.x.  Note that the timeframe measured...

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09 March, 2011
By lobo
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We held our second CiviCon in Chicago on Monday Mar 7, 2011 at TechNexus. We had an amazing turnout of 100+ community members. CiviCon 2011 was made possible by a great group. I'd personally like to acknowledge and thank the folks who made this possible...

  • Young-Jin Kim and Matthew Vincenz from emphanos for being such great hosts and coordinating a large part of the logistics for the event.
  • Mary Kay Bianchi and SNTial Technologies for helping with the logistics of the event and sponsoring drinks and food at the after party :)
  • The Gold sponsors: Rooty Hollow, Ninjitsu Web Development, Web Access and CivicActions
  • The Silver and Bronze sponsors for helping make the event happen....
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09 March, 2011
By lobo
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We just got back from Chicago where we had an eventful CiviCon 2011 on Mon, Mar 7th. We had more than 100 participants (registration, attendance sheets and name badges managed with CiviEvent) from across various parts of the US and Canada. We also had a successful sponsorship program with 4 Gold Sponsors, 5 Silver Sponsors and 10 Bronze Sponsors (managed by CiviContribute and the CiviEvent discount module). A companion blog post highlights all the wonderful women and men (and organizations) who made this event possible. Some of my personal highlights of the trip:


  • Parallel user and administrator training, developer training and code sprint for two days prior to CiviCon.
  • A great keynote case study on designing, deploying and managing the...
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07 March, 2011
By Stoob
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This was my first CiviCon.  I missed the chance last year.  It was great to meet all the people I have chatted with on the forums and IRC over the last couple of years -- finally.  I was gratified to be part of the sessions here.  I presented a UI Customization session with Jim from Rooty Hollow; I shared a couple of case studies along with Gregory from CivicActions.  Chatting with Lobo, Dave G, Kurund, Ninjitsu Matt and Deepak was fun and interesting.


During CiviCon I reflected both privately and publically about my first introduction to CiviCRM in '08.   I've gone from a 'noob in the forums asking dumb questions to someone who knows a little about a lot - but who still knows I have a lot more to know.  My personal story about the open-source CiviCRM community is a story of cautious...

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27 January, 2011
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CiviCon 2011 is shaping up to be an awesome event. The session line-up includes exciting case studies, CiviMail best practices for implementors, security session for developers, "ask the experts" panel and lots more.

March 7, 12 noon - 6pm
After party 6pm - whenever!

TechNexus - 200 S. Wacker Drive (in downtown Chicago)

Our local sponsors - Emphanos LLC and SNTial Technologies have lined up a great venue - the TechNexus conference center - conveniently located in downtown Chicago. After the main event we'll have a chance to kick back with new and old civi-friends while enjoying some good grub and drinks at the "after party" at the Jefferson Tap & Grill....

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04 December, 2010
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As many of you know, the next DrupalCon will be in Chicago this coming March. Last April we held a number of CiviCRM events - including our first "CiviCon" - in conjunction with DrupalCon SF. That turned out to be a good strategy as quite a few developers, consultants and users took advantage of the opportunity to attend both CiviCRM and Drupal events. We're planning something similar next March in Chicago. We'll hold user and developer / implementor training sessions in March 5-6th, followed by the CiviCon conference on March 7th.

CiviCon will bring together users and developers of CiviCRM to discuss the latest developments in our project, share experiences, see some of the cool things folks are doing with CiviCRM, and help steer the future.

We are looking for folks to submit session proposals - so if you have a topic you want to discuss or present, add it to...

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03 May, 2010

I have shared the slides ( and video ) from my ignite session at CiviCon, which describes a case study of my use of CiviCRM for a synagogue, including invoicing and non-Western calendars. Everything is at my blog.


29 April, 2010
By lobo

The past 8 days have been an amazing period for the CiviCRM community and core team members. Its been incredibly intense, extremely fulfilling and mind-blowing. A huge thank you and tip of the hat to the members of the community who participated in the event and came together from various parts of the world (asia, europe, north america) to push the project to greater heights, from a usability, documentation and localization viewpoint.

Thank you to Jimmy H, Erik B, Goran G, Matheiu L, Mathieu P for working on improving CiviCRM's localization and internationalization features. Thank you to Michael M, Xavier D, Adam H, Sarah G, Mari T, Alice G, Jack A, Josue G, Kyle J for burning the midnight oil to update, improve and extend the CiviCRM: A comprehensive guide. Thank you to OSI and our program officer: Janet Haven, Chintu Gudiya Foundation, Yellow Dog Foundation and ...

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26 April, 2010
By mbriney

The following notes were gathered from the CiviCon session on what the community would like to see in CiviCRM 4.0:

* Goals
* No new features
* Framework switch
* Not as major a rewrite as it looks
* Don't want to change many of the private APIs
* Want to switch away from pear
* Test unit coverage
* Better API hooks
* What users would like to see
* Continuous Integration
* Hudson - as you submit code runs through suite of unit tests to see what's broken
* Better decoupling
* Drupal Forms API
* * Better integration with Drupal DB layer
* Scale better
* Drush installation of managed hosting CRM
* Support Aegir usage
* * Better plugin architecture
* Payment processors
* Custom searches
* Custom reports...

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