26 April, 2010
By mbriney

The following notes were gathered from the CiviCon session on what the community would like to see in CiviCRM 4.0:

* Goals
* No new features
* Framework switch
* Not as major a rewrite as it looks
* Don't want to change many of the private APIs
* Want to switch away from pear
* Test unit coverage
* Better API hooks
* What users would like to see
* Continuous Integration
* Hudson - as you submit code runs through suite of unit tests to see what's broken
* Better decoupling
* Drupal Forms API
* * Better integration with Drupal DB layer
* Scale better
* Drush installation of managed hosting CRM
* Support Aegir usage
* * Better plugin architecture
* Payment processors
* Custom searches
* Custom reports...

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24 April, 2010
By michal
Filed under CiviCon, CiviCRM
This Thursday, the first ever CiviCon took place. After five years of constant development of the CiviCRM project, we felt it was definitely time to have an in-person gathering of CiviCRM community members, talk about past, plan the future and enjoy being together. It was really a great day. We started the day with presentations by Dave and Lobo, introducing the project team, reviewing project history, summarising biggest wins and fails - taking a look at the past and the project's current situation. After that, we had a great keynote presentation from Nathan Yergler, the CTO of Creative Commons. Nathan discussed CC's history with and commitment to CiviCRM, and stressed the importance for non-profits of investing in free... Read more