27 August, 2015

Edale photos

This year at CiviCon London 2015 we have an array of 24 sessions from some great presenters.* There are sessions for CiviCRM users, implementers and developers all delivered by other users, implementers and developers! In addition the extension showcase and lightning talks will give insight into the huge range of new developments that European charities are putting in place.

Day 1 has a focus on new users and there are special 1 day only tickets available for people who want to simply see if CiviCRM is right for their organisation. Thijs van Praag, the inspirational...

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19 August, 2015
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If you've ever wondered how much it costs to put on a CiviCon and the associated trainings and sprint - how much money we take and how we spend it - then this blog post if for you.


Ticket sales: $11,307
Sponsorship: $31,500
Total income: $42,807

Venue and equipment hire: $10,520
Food and drinks: $10,058
Filming crew and post-production: $8,800
T-shirts: $1,890
After-party: $1,097
Venue search: $868
Signage: $633
Name badge: $60
Total expenditure: $33,926

Balance: $8,881


Training fees: $20,000

Venue hire: $2,590
Food: $3,352
Trainer expenses: $2,150
Total expenses: $8092

Balance: $11,908


Sprint fees: $10,850

Venue hire: $6,935
Breakfast and lunch: $1,800
Transport: $2,940
Total expenses...

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19 August, 2015
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There will be a CiviCRM sprint in the beautiful Edale, Derbyshire, UK - 10th/18th October 2015, and you can register here.
The sprint starts the day after the amazing CiviCon London 2015

The idea is to have as many community members present so we can achieve lots and have a great time!
Accomodation will be provided and Craig, our resident chef, will be cooking some amazing food.

There are no hard and fast requirements for attending a sprint, apart from a desire to work on improving CiviCRM in some way and the time to do it. The idea is that we can work on improving CiviCRM and increase your skills and knowledge at the same time. Having skills in specific areas like coding, documentation, writing tests, etc. is great but not a requirement. 

Once you are registered we'll get in touch before the sprint to ask about the topics you'd like to cover...

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14 August, 2015
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I’m pleased to report on our next batch of approved User Summit sessions. We are thrilled with the schedule so far and only have a few spots left before our schedule is complete! A big thanks goes out to everyone who has submitted so far and especially to those who have agreed to present.



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27 July, 2015
By ayduns
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So the good old British summer is looking a wash-out but you can still cheer yourself up by booking bargain tickets for the autumn excitement that is CiviCon London 2015.
Early bird discounts are available for just a few more days so book now and don't miss out.
Go to https://london2015.civicrm.org for all the details of the conference, the training sessions and the sprint including ticket prices, offers and the special one-day ticket for those exploring CiviCRM.
24 July, 2015
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Thank you to everyone who has submitted sessions so far! They are all pretty awesome!


Over the next two months leading up to the User Summit, we plan on approving four or five sessions every few weeks. This first round includes sessions on using CiviCRM collaboratively to succeed on #GivingTuesday, using CiviCase, using CiviCRM to manage your most important constituents - your volunteers, and a primer on all things payment processor! If you have already submitted a session, but it’s not listed below, don’t worry - it might still be approved in the next round.

Below you’ll find the list of approved sessions so far and a link to their full descriptions.

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22 July, 2015
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If you travel to DC for work or family frequently you may be tired of doing the same old tourism and want to mix things up. In anticipation of the User Summit, we've compiled a list of a few things to do that aren't on the Mall, that are inexpensive, and are Metro accessible. So while the Mall and Smithsonians are treasures in DC, there is a lot more to do here. Here are some other ideas from a couple locals:

1. Union Market – within walking distance of the conference hotel is Union Market, a historic market that has been recently revitalized. You'll find some great food options (this blog writer is a fan of the grilled cheese from Red Apron) from small local businesses, a pop up Angelika movie theatre, and some cool events.

2. A quick ride on the...

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04 July, 2015
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If you're a particularly keen CiviCRM observer, you'll have noticed that we've been slowly uploading finished edited CiviCon Denver videos to our youtube channel.  I'm please to report that all our videos are now online and you can browse them on this CiviCon Denver playlist.

So enjoy them, share them, and catch up on any sessions you missed!

26 June, 2015
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Don't miss out on Amy Sample Ward's keynote speech at this year's CiviCRM User Summit to be held Sept 24-25 in Washington, DC.

Amy, #nptech guru, CEO of NTEN, will lead an interactive presentation titled:  "Latest Trends in Nonprofit Tech: From Digital Inclusion to Digital Strategy".  Regardless of our mission, the size of our budget, the number of staff, or the location of our organization, technology is critical to our effectiveness and efficiency in making real impact. At NTEN, we see this every day in organizations from all over the U.S. and beyond - whether in technology training and investments or in online services and campaigns. This interactive session covers some of the latest trends in nonprofit technology, and helps you identify whether your organization may be ahead of the curve or ready for action.


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23 June, 2015
By ayduns
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It’s June and the rare blasts of sunshine mean it’s summer for us Brits - and so the Wimbledon tennis-fest is nearly upon us.  If you don’t already have court tickets you can expect to pay a small fortune for them, or if all that Murray-mania is not your thing, then don’t despair!  We have something even better to offer you: centre-court tickets for the highlight of the UK Civi year - CiviCon London 2015.

CiviCon logo

We start with two two-day training events on 6 & 7 October: one for aspiring developers and one for new CiviCRM administrators and users.  These are great ways of getting up to speed with CiviCRM alongside a few fellow learners and experienced practitioners.

The big event is the Conference on 8 & 9 October.  The sessions will be...

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