05 June, 2015
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Last week we celebrated the first CiviCon for the South of Europe in Madrid. It was a great day that provided the opportunity to bring together users, developers and implementers from the local growing community in Spain. We had close to 40 people interested on CiviCRM. 

During the morning we had sessions from end users such as Amnesty International, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid or the Spanish Fundraising Association; other more technical ones from implementors like iXiam about CiviSEPA, Francesc with a talk about the use of CiviCRM on social action entities, and Michael McAndrew presenting CiviCRM community.
For those that have been using CiviCRM we had a Help-desk to solve specific questions and make CiviCon the best experience as possible. ...
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29 May, 2015
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Yesterday was the first CiviCon NorthWest Europe in Amsterdam. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was inspiring to see the local community being able to organize and support such an event! We had a little over 50 participants from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

A great CiviCRM community day in the heart of Amsterdam with:

  • sessions on CiviSepa, CiviBanking, CiviRules and more
  • show cases from CFCI, the Socialist Party and VKW
  • inspiring sessions on data driven fundraising, Drupal Views and Webform with CiviCRM and membership management

  • lots of people meeting and sharing
  • a live helpdesk


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27 May, 2015
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The first videos from CiviCon Denver are now available as a playlist on our youtube channel. The rest will be uploaded as they are processed and published. Enjoy!

30 April, 2015
By Dahndy
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Now that CiviCon 2015 is over, it is a good time to reflect on the people we met and the great new things we learned. I attended the CiviCon conference as well as two full days of training prior to the event. Joining me in Denver were designer Kurt Thomas and front-end developer (and former organizer) Phillip Kent Knight from the Los Angeles LGBT Center, a Black Brick Software client organization.

Developer Training

Developer training was awesome. My experience with CiviCRM development up until now had been entirely self-taught, so I was excited to start with some of the basics - learning from the guys at Ginko Street Labs (they really know their Civi!)

We began by setting up CiviCRM Buildkit - this tool can spin up, snapshot, and restore instances of CiviCRM. Currently this kit only supports Drupal or WordPress. (As a proud member of the Joomla! developer community, I’m hoping to encourage more Joomla! devs to join the Civi community and maybe build...

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30 April, 2015
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Great to read all the feedback from CiviCon Denver and the sprint in the blogs and on social media. It confirms that CiviCon is THE conference where users, developers, supporters and fans of CiviCRM meet each other, share knowledge and swap stories. It is the best spot to get inspired and gain insights into the possibilities of CiviCRM!

As you might know we have two CiviCon's on 28 May 2015: South Europe in Madrid (check http://madrid2015.civicrm.org/) and North West Europe in Amsterdam (check https://amsterdam2015.civicrm.org/).

CiviCon North West Europe will take place on Thursday 28 May 2015 in Amsterdam. To give you a taste of the sessions on the programme:

  • Data-driven fundraising, the big...
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29 April, 2015
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We have just completed the fourth day of the sprint.  Progress reports are in from all of the teams and much progress has been made. 

Reports from the teams tell us that we have been quite busy.   I am quite excited about the progress the Monitoring team has made and cannot wait to get my hands on this to play with.   Documentation has made great strides, improvements to the payment processor architecture is in the works as well.   I have had the opportunity to speak with the translation team and the work they are doing is invalubale to the project. 

I also have to mention that the extension review team has done a tremendous job working down the extension queue and we should all look forward to using some new extensions.  As part of the install team, I know we have been busy at work getting a more uniform install process across Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. 


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21 April, 2015

In honour of CiviCon 2015, iATS Payments excited to announce a new referral program to help spread the word about using the iATS Payments extension for CiviCRM!  

The concept is quite simple.  Refer an organization to iATS Payments and when their account is approved both your organization and theirs will get $100 to spend as you wish!  This could go towards your cause, a special project, cupcakes for the office - or whatever you like!

Follow this link to learn more and to submit the required details to us.  The iATS Payments account coordinators are standing by to help!

iATS Payments is proud to support the CiviCRM community.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to iatsmarketing@iatspayments.com.

31 March, 2015
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We are really excited about having two CiviCon happening on May 28th in Europe, one on the Northwest in Amsterdam and other on the South in Madrid. It is a great opportunity to attend a regional conference where you will meet and learn from the people that make CiviCRM happen.
Attending any CiviCon is an excellent way to learn more about -and contribute to- CiviCRM, and  to meet the community, both for new CiviCRM developers or for those working and want to refresher on best practice and the latest tool sets.
The one day event in The Netherlands is aimed at everyone who loves, uses, works with, is curious about or thinks about CiviCRM in Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and northern France. But anyone from another country is welcome too. CiviCon Amsterdam will be in the...
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31 March, 2015
By robbneu
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Still looking for a compelling reason to attend CiviCon Denver? Why not listen to past attendees and presenters to learn about what they took away from attending other meet-ups?

"I came to CiviCON to meet the amazing developer community that contributes to CiviCRM, to learn about new developments for the software and its extensions, and to talk about Music Nova Scotia's successes with CiviCRM. Nearly a year later, I have scarcely had the time to implement everything I learned at CiviCON; excellent bang for the buck and totally worthwhile!"  -- Sean MacGillivray, Music Nova Scotia

"CiviCon is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the company of experts who are...

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31 March, 2015
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Estamos muy contentos de tener dos CiviCon el próximo 28 de Mayo en Europa, una en el  Norte en Amsterdam y otra en el Sur en Madrid. Es una gran oportunidad para asistir a una conferencia regional donde conocer y aprender de la gente que hace posible CiviCRM.

Asistir a cualquier CiviCon es una excelente forma de aprender más sobre – y contribuir a-  CiviCRM, y conocer a la comunidad, tanto para nuevos desarrolladores de CiviCRM como para aquellos que ya trabajan con la plataforma y quiere conocer sobre las últimas actualizaciones, mejores prácticas y últimas herramientas disponibles. 

El evento de un día en Países Bajos está dirigido a todo aquel que ama, utiliza, trabaja o tiene curiosidad sobre CiviCRM en Escandinavia, Países Bajos, Bélgica, Luxemburgo, Alemania y norte de Francia. Pero cualquier persona de otro país es...

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