02 September, 2011
By davem

I’ve just come out of the Code and Book Sprint in Lincolnshire where we made good progress on lots of fronts and had a really good time. It was great to put faces to names and share food as well as ideas. A major breakthrough means D6 support should continue, while the main CiviCRM manual got a thorough overhaul and spawned a new Developer Manual, and some good thinking made serious improvements in CiviCase scalability. All good stuff and it all drives the project forward on one level or another. However, for me one of the most important things that happened was a much smaller conversation in the kitchen - missed by many - about Marketing.

We reviewed the marketing output of the last year, which didn’t take very long, and set to thinking what we can do to move things forward. Filled with the excitement of the moment...
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29 August, 2011
By kurund
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It's been amazing code and book sprint in UK, here are some of the moments.

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29 August, 2011
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I´m Abril from Mexico City, I´m working in Alternativas y Capacidades, a civil society organization that was founded in 2002  to contribute to Mexico’s social development, by strengthening civil society organizations and grant makers, working towards a favorable environment for their professionalization, promoting their advocacy capacities and encouraging inter-sectoral collaboration.

I came to England to meet the CiviCRM community  and to learn more about the software,  because in Alternativas we believe that CiviCRM is a powerful tool that can support the work of many organizations in Mexico. In my country there’s almost nobody implementing CiviCRM and we would like to spread all the knowledge of the trip with other Mexican organizations.
It’s almost last day in the Booksprint. It has been such a pleasure to work with all these wonderful people. CiviCRM community is an amazing group working to empower civil society...
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28 August, 2011
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We've been working hella hard on the sprint so far and yesterday was no exception!  at least for the book sprinters, the coders went off on a social to Stamford castle.  Although they weren't out of contact for long, we met up with them on IRC while they stopped for a Costa coffee "Come for the coffee, stay for the WiFi" or so the saying goes .  
Developer manual reviewer was my designated task yesterday.  I was the coder 'specimen' who's jobs it was to read through the all-new developer section, giving my seal of aproval from a new developers perspective.  The developer gudie will be released as a new book.

The other code sprinters were also hard at work Abril was working on the glossary and the Civi & human rights organisations guide, which is no easy task for someone who's not a native speaker, Adam was taking care restructuring and make sure the chapters were consistent, Alice was tackleing...

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26 August, 2011
By reperry
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We've nearly reached the end of the third day of booksprinting here at Cawthorpe Hall in the UK.  This is my first sprint and first blog post. I'm one of the few end users attending the sprint and so far, the experience is demanding, but the best way yet of experiencing the Civi community in action. It's been really valuable for getting to know people involved in Civi development, including Donald Lobo, Dave Greenberg, Michał Mach, Kurund Jalmi, Yashodha Chaku, Michael McAndrew, Xavier Dutoit, and many more dedicated developers.

I'm Robyn and I'm here with colleagues, Alice Aguilar and Jamie McClelland, from the Progressive Technology Project.

We're putting together 3 different manuals (it's really a library sprint): CiviCRM for Human Rights Organizations, CiviCRM Developer Guide, and Understanding CiviCRM: A Comprehensive...

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25 August, 2011
By michal
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Goals for this sprint are quite ambitious - three books instead of updating only one, so second day was quite intensive. Alice with Robyn from Progressive Technology Project are making incredible progress on describing CiviCampaign, Michael from Third Sector Design (who's also book maintainer) and Dave from Circle Interactive are putting together freshly spinned off developer handbook, and Abril from Alternativas y Capacidades and myself writing about applications of CiviCRM in human rights work. Not too much more to say about today - everyone is typing their keyboards furiously, since there is still a lot of work ahead of us. Helen from Flossmanuals joined us today - she will be working with us as editor for the...

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10 May, 2011
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At the last user and admin training in London we decided to create exercise books to accompany the training. The idea was to move from an online format to a printed format, and we used the same tool that we use to create 'CiviCRM: a comprehensive guide': Booki.

Previously, we'd used a wiki page for these exercises. There were a few advantages to using the wiki page (ability to make last minute edits, additions, etc) but there were disadvantages too.  A few comments from attendees that they had too many tabs open, keep track of where you were was hard, the wiki wasn't a great format for doing exercises, etc.  We also wanted to make something that they could make notes on and take away from the training.  So we thought that the exercise books would be a good step foward.

We got these printed at a local printers and handed them (left) out along with...

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11 November, 2010
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At the recent CiviCRM code sprint in Bristol I worked on developing integration between MaPit (a web service that maps postcodes and points to administrative area information for the UK) and CiviCRM.

Here's the background: Recently, the UK government has started making more and more public data freely available online. Earlier this year, they released a lot of geographical (Ordnance Survey) data which includes a mapping from postcodes to all available adminisrative and political areas in the UK. Soon after this, mySociety, who run 'most of the best-known democracy and transparency websites in the UK' released the MaPit API making all this data available and easy to interegate. Here's an example for E5 0DR (also available as JSON).  As soon as I saw this, I thought it would be great to add the last link to the chain and integrate it with...

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13 October, 2010
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A quick look the book CiviCRM a comprehensive guide: how we got here, and our plans for the future


We recently got fifty copies of CiviCRM: a comprehensive guide printed on demand for some training events in the UK.  Being able to hand out a 300 page book as a supplement to the training went down really well with participants: holding something in your hands in a world which is predominantly online world is quite reassuring, it seems!

Getting hold of hard copies of the book at short notice was quick and painless. Objavi (Flossmanuals new and impressive publishing engine) just worked, creating a great looking PDF that we sent to Imprint, a local printer.  Imprint were a recommendation from the Flossmanuals list and I would definitely recommend them to others that need books printed in the UK - they turned the PDF into 50 books in less than 24 hours at the price of £6 ($10) per book and were helpful, fast and professional....

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03 May, 2010

I have shared the slides ( and video ) from my ignite session at CiviCon, which describes a case study of my use of CiviCRM for a synagogue, including invoicing and non-Western calendars. Everything is at my blog.