Free Resource today only: "Using CiviCRM" is Packt Publishing's free book of the day

2017-02-17 07:20
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Just a heads up for the community that "Using CiviCRM" by Joe Murray and Brian Shaughnessy is Packt Publishing's free book of the day. See

This book is a good overview of the system despite being written for a much older version of CiviCRM. In particular the early chapter on planning your CRM implementation is still applicable and valuable information that is often overlooked.

A new home for our documentation

2016-04-20 02:09
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We've built a new home for CiviCRM's documentation. Here's a quick run down of what we've done, why we've done it, and how you can help with the move.

First, a quick recap of our documentation's long and illustrious history:

How to get your CiviCRM questions answered - for free

2016-03-17 09:30
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If you haven't checked it out yet, the CiviCRM Stack Exchange is a Q&A site where folks can get free support for using CiviCRM.

It's simple to use - ask a question, get answers.  Users vote on both questions and answers, and there's no chit-chat, just answers.  You earn reputation points when people vote for your questions and answers.  Many top CiviCRM experts use the site and answer questions.

v4.6 User and administrator guide published on GitBook

2015-06-24 18:23
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Find out how to use all the new 4.6 features and read the re-vamped Events chapter at

First the formalities...

Thank you to the people who contributed to this update including Joanne Chester, Maya Gibb, Roshani Kothari, Michael McAndrew, Joe Murray, Kate Sneed, Galata Tona and any others I have forgotten to mention.

Now for an explanation...

Vote for CiviCRM on StackExchange!

2015-05-27 08:57
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Q: Want to help the new CiviCRM StackExchange site succeed, but don't have spare time/brainpower for answering difficult questions?

A: That's okay! It turns out that the one thing this fledgling site needs the most is also the easiest thing you can do. Voting!

Subscribe to the CiviCRM StackExchange Newsletter

2015-05-25 07:37
Written by is launched in beta and thriving as a place to ask and answer questions about CiviCRM. The benefit of the Q&A format is that good questions and good answers can get voted up, and better serve as an expert repository of our community's experience. Search rankings will soon be able to find good relevant answers to everyone's beginner and expert support and development questions.