Monday, October 20, 2014 - 01:55
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As you may know from a recent blog post by artfulrobot, CiviCRM is applying for a dedicated platform on Stack Exchange. I don't know about you, but I would love to see this happen. (If you wonder what this is all about, please refer to the beforementioned blog post which explains it very well.)

This initiative needs backing from Stack Exchange veterans now! Here is why:

In the current phase of the proposal, Stack Exchange wants to see how many and what kind of people would actually be contributing to the platform. People are asked to commit to using it. Three values are being measured, out of which the minimum counts. In our case, this is "committers with 200+ reputation on any other [SE] site" with only 8 out of the required 100 committers so far. So while we are doing fairly well in overall committers, this won't help us if we don't get the 100 committers with an already considerable reputation on other Stack Exchange sites.

Please, let's not fail because of this. If you are an active SE user with the required reputation score, please commit yourself. If you know such a person with a little interest in CiviCRM, ask them to commit. Thanks!


In addition, but much more effort, people can commit and then make the effort to earn 200 reputation points in another Stack Exchange site. I'm realising I should focus on just one like Drupal or MySQL. I've already had an answer upvoted and another marked as answer accepted. Now I can start upvoting answers and questions to earn points.

Hey people,

Getting more of our users over the 200 mark on another stack exchange site is what will push us into beta.  This is actually EASY and FUN to do, but don't take my word for it - see I created this wiki page where people who want our help to get to over 200 can sign up, and we can keep track of people we are pushing over the limit:

  • If you want to get to 200, add your name below and start answering questions on another stack exchange site. People will come here and vote up your good answers (which should of course, be written in good faith, with the aim of gaining or sharing knowledge).
  • If you want to help people get to 200, choose someone below and add to their reputation when you think they deserve it. Of course, all your votes should be for genuinely helpful posts, we want our presence on StackExchange to be a win-win for everyone.

Thanks all!