27 January, 2014
By kreynen

Did that get your attention?

Unfortunately it's not as simple as just coming up with ideas and waiting for a check from Google. As a community, CiviCRM has to apply to even be part of the program. We are still looking for both more project ideas and more mentors to include in CiviCRM's application to be a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2014.

I've been told this blog post was too long. So the tl;dr summary is that organizations with project ideas and developers interested in mentoring a Google Summer of Code student should add their ideas and information to Google Summer of Code 2014 Wiki.

At this point in the process we are trying to make CiviCRM appealing to both potential students and Google. Several months ago we started updating the wiki of project idea...

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30 August, 2013
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Although many organizations already use CiviCRM to manage volunteer programs, a more streamlined and integrated approach to volunteer management and tracking functionality has been high on many peoples' wish list for several years. Thanks to generous financial support from the Kahle/Austin Foundation, Friends of Georgia State Parks, Confluence, and JMA Consulting - along with work above and beyond the call of duty by Frank Gomez, Michael Darabeygi, Yashodha Chaku and Coleman Watts - phase 1 of the new CiviVolunteer extension will be released as part of the upcoming 4.4 version of CiviCRM.

The features for this release focus on volunteering at events, but the design creates a foundation for adding support for volunteering...

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22 August, 2013
By awasson

First off, I don't know if anyone is working on a desktop CiviCRM application and I've pinged Lobo and Dave Greenberg on the subject and they haven't any knowledge of it either so this is all just conjecture unless someone is currently working on a desktop based CiviCRM connected application.


The other day as I was thinking about some of the projects we are doing with CiviCRM, it struck me that the web server request/respond bottleneck can be a real problem for some of the day to day tasks a CiviCRM administrator tends to do. Nobody complains about the massive administrative feature-set that CiviCRM encompasses but I do hear complaints about the speed it takes to do various searches, import/exports or updating contact records on a per-contact basis. For me the speed seems pretty typical for a website based application but I suppose if you're used to using Act, Filemaker, Access, Excel or whatever desktop solution was used before it can...

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05 July, 2013
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A quick recap on our Make it Happen 4.4. fundraising campaigns.  We've split them into successful, partially successful and unsuccessful.


These MIH were fully funded - you can expect to see the functionality released as extensions of core functionality in CiviCRM 4.4.

  • CiviBooking - this will be released as an extension for 4.4
  • Faster and more user friendly searches *** need to explain the relationship between this and the 'Ongoing Performance improvements and code maintenance' MIH - we moved money from that MIH and are considering this one successful - Coleman can give / add more details
  • Drupal webform payment integration - you'd be forgiven for not seeing this late addition which got fully funded - get ready for payment integration with your webforms!
  • Better event badges - we secured funding for...
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19 June, 2013
By aheath

Tonight found Giant Rabbit hosting the local CiviMeetup in Berkeley, CA, where we talked Drupal Webform Tips and Tricks (and if you want to support CiviCRM payment integration in Drupal webforms, you might consider giving a few dollars to our Make It Happen Campaign) and a few basic data how to's.

We had a good mix of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal users, and Civi users old a new - and a good mix of cocktails to ease us out of the workday.

Oh, and then there was the CiviCRM Trailer. That happened.

07 June, 2013
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As we gear up to work on our next major milestone release CiviCRM 4.4, there's been a considerable excitement within the team for our MIH campaign. We believe the new features and new improvements to existing features outlined for 4.4 definitely will add value to the CiviCRM software.

Based on our project plan, the fundraising deadline for the MIHs is 16th of June - that is just under two weeks away.

Taking a stock of where we stand as of today, I want to share the progress of MIH campaign 2013

MIH ones are on their way to be successful

  • CiviBooking The aim of the module will be to create a CMS independent extension to allow organisations to manage a group of resources (i.e. rooms) offering these to constituents for a fee. Significant pledges will get a free service to implement and configure the extension provided by GMCVO/Compucorp....
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30 May, 2013
By pdelbar

Imagine you're a non-profit employee or volunteer, responsible for managing donations. You get into the office, pick up the first coffee on the way to your desk, to find a HUGE bank statement for you to process today. Good news for your employer, not for you, because even at the rate of roughly two payments per minute, you'll be spending 19.5 hours processing them. Yay !

Wouldn't it be nice if CiviCRM would load the bank statement files and turn them into contributions, membership renewals, new contacts, people who have moved and so on ? Yes, of course.

Why can't we just import it as contributions ? Well, think about what the human operator does. For starters, it about identifying who the donor is, and either locating the contact or creating a new one. Next, it's about looking at the context that knowledge provides : perhaps this is the payment of an already existing pay-later contribution, or a pending...

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29 May, 2013
By pdelbar
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If you are not fundraising in any of the Single European Payment Area countries, feel free to skip this blog -- unless you want to discover how the amazing CiviCRM community is building support for what is becoming Europe's most important recurring payment instrument.

Do you know what direct debit means ? Don't feel bad admitting it. A direct debit transaction is a payment that is initiated by the receiver, not the sender. In practice, a donor gives you permission to ask his/her bank to transfer money into your bank.

Fundraising using direct debit is interesting because once your donors gives you the permission, they don't need to do anything : your job is to create the next debit instruction for every agreement you have, send them to the service provider who processes them (which could be your own bank or another...

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06 May, 2013
By JonGold
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Coming off of CiviCon North America 2013, 25 members of the CiviCRM community spent a week at the Woolman Center working on new functionality, creating documentation, and discussing how to grow the CiviCRM community.  Based off initial seed funding of the Soft Credit Improvements Make-it-Happen by San Francisco Baykeeper, we fielded a team of five developers to begin development.  As of yesterday, a significant chunk of Phase 1 of the Make-it-Happen is complete, and is now in a quality assurance phase to be released with CiviCRM 4.4 later this year.  We are still looking for funding to complete our wishlist for 4.4.  If improved soft credits is something you would like to see in your CiviCRM, you can make it happen....

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02 May, 2013
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Check out our line up of new features looking for funding as part of Make it Happen CiviCRM 4.4 and spread the word to organisations that you think would would be interested in funding these features.

Make it Happen is our way to crowd fund development of the functionality most requested by CiviCRM users and we have a range of projects looking for funding for the 4.4 release (due out this September).

Our line up this release includes:

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