15 July, 2014

There are four really interesting CiviCRM sessions penciled in for NTEN this year (in Austin, Texas).  In order to ensure these sessions get run, we need to win a popularity contest. Please vote for CiviCRM sessions to ensure everyone attending NTEN gets the opportunity to learn more about CiviCRM.  Voting is simple: Open this google doc to see all CiviCRM sessions planed, click on the link of the sessions you like the sound of, and vote the session up.  Voting closes on 18th July (3 more days!) so head over to the site today and help spread the word about CiviCRM.

15 July, 2014
Last June 26th CiviCRM participated in OpenExpo Day Madrid, one of the biggest events of Free and Open Source Software held this year.

Networking area 

Partially funded with the available Marketing BudgetiXiam represented CiviCRM with a small booth (a table with a rollup) at the networking section. Some people approached us in the networking section with very interesting questions interested in CiviCRM!

CiviCRM Session and Demo

We started the day presenting CiviCRM to an audiende of 20+. It was the first session of the day and we presented an overview of CiviCRM also...
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11 March, 2014

Hello from Washington, where we've finished our first day of the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference events--halfway through the User and Administrator Training. 

(Read more about what's going on here this week at my previous blog post.)

But I have a request for all of you out in CiviLand--send us your awesome CiviCRM pages!  Show off what you've done for event pages and registration forms, contribution and membership forms, contact listings, petitions, and more.  We'll automatically show it at the NTC.

To secure your spot in the limelight, just tweet your url with the hashtag #civibooth and we'll take it from there!

(Shy about tweeting? You can also fill out the form at http://aghstrategies.com/civibooth instead.)

I'll give an update in a couple of days--you have through Friday afternoon to tweet your...

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10 March, 2014

Going to the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference in DC this week?  Join us at several CiviCRM community events!

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04 February, 2014

Now that the holidays are behind us, I wanted to share some of the exciting developments brewing in Civi-world for 2014.

Growing the Community

For most of our history CiviCRM has relied on word-of-mouth rather than traditional "marketing" to drive our growth. This has worked amazingly well, but we think that we can do even better with a more focused effort, and especially by encouraging our wonderfully diverse community members to 'toot their horns'. To that end, a group of CiviCRM partners has formed a marketing team which will be driving a number of initiatives this year.

Some initial plans include:

  • provide a "map" of CiviCRM implementations around the world
  • add "empowered by CiviCRM" tags to online campaigns and events
  • engage public relations experts to help get Civi into the media more often
  • support users and implementers in evangelizing at sector conferences...
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30 December, 2013

As part of the Partner Program, a marketing budget is now available for 2014. This initiative was born during last Dalesbridge Sprint and was part of the latest discussions and meetings of the CiviCRM Marketing Committee.

We thought that the best approach was to define a “Budget Revision Group” that will be managing and following up all the budget requests.

The Budget Revision Group for the first half of 2014 is formed by

  • Alejandro Salgado (iXiam)
  • Jamie Novick (Compucorp)
  • Andrew Hunt (Aghstrategies)


The goal is to keep it simple, at least this first 6 months of 2014 until we have some feedback and some experience with the first requests. Then we will be able to modify or improve the process.

What you need to know for sending a budget request.

  1. Current 2014 Marketing Budget: $20,000 USD...

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19 November, 2013

Ixiam will present CiviCRM in next OpenExpo CRM conference that will be offered at the Innovation Center Vaguada (Av. Monforte de Lemos, 38 – 28029 Madrid )

The 30-minute talk will be given by Alejandro Salgado, Director of Ixiam, highlighting the advantages of CiviCRM for Third Sector Organizations (TSOs).
More information can be found on the website of OpenExpo or iXiam's Blog.

12 November, 2013

Pheph... after a brief respite its back to the CiviCRM marketing front here in the UK.

This month it was time to hit the road and get the CiviCRM banners out to exhibit at the NCVO Trustees conference in London. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) is the largest umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in England. 

The NCVO Trustees conference was a conference targeted at the Trustees of Non-profit and Third sector organisations. With over 400 attendees representing a big cross section of organisations, we thought the event would be a great opportunity to raise awareness of CiviCRM and Open source to the highest levels of the organisation. 

3 Companies came together to represent CiviCRM:

  • Jamie Novick (Compucorp - London)
  • Dave Moreton (...
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30 August, 2013

This coming Friday, September 6, is the first and most {event.event_type} CiviCRM conference on the East Coast, CiviCamp. Held in {address.location_type} downtown Washington, DC, CiviCamp is a one-day conference along with a two-day training, code and documentation sprint, and showcase reception: a chance to learn and meet other CiviCRM users, {contact.contact_sub_type}, and developers.

Register online by midnight PDT tonight, August 30, and you can save $15 off the {contribution.financial_type} for the conference. We will also accept last-minute registrations by cash, credit card, or {contribution.payment_instrument} at the door.

While you're at it,...

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01 July, 2013
By davem

Returning to CiviCRM videos after some time on other projects, the team at Circle Interactive are now starting to think again about developing a CiviCRM community video project based on the ideas in Young Jin’s blog of Feb 2012.

We specifically see the need for the short instructional videos aimed at the new user (identified as Type C), ideally, less than three minutes long covering common aspects of configuring and using CiviCRM in bite-size pieces. We think this would provide not only a useful set of how-tos but also if they’re done in the right way it will contribute to general marketing - providing more reassurance to decision makers that the support network and documentation is actually just as good if not better than commercial products. We also want everyone contributing this type of video to work on a standard demo site for consistency. We think this should use...

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