04 April, 2016
By josh

CiviCRM for nonprofits in international marketsCompared to other open source projects like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, CiviCRM is quite small and unassuming. It’s powered by a dedicated community that serves an important need; providing world-class software for nonprofits, non-governmental organizations and for civic sector organizations. Though CiviCRM is used around the world, the Core Team would like to see the total number of active sites grow substantially, thereby improving our capacity to grow not only the...

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01 April, 2016

Did you know: CiviCRM is a great software, not only for nonprofits but also for all membership-based organizations. It is therefore no wonders that it is being used by an increasing number of membership-based small businesses such as martial arts clubs, yoga instructors (cf. Yoga for the People), gaming clubs and ... beauty salons!

Talking to a few people at a recent Drupal meetup, I was surprised to hear Katty's story: she own a beauty salon and needed a new website. Since most of her business relies on repeat customers, she imagined a website were people could sign-up for a quaraterly membership, schedule their appointments, and have access to a member-only area with health tips and reviews of the latest beauty products. With the help of a local web developer, she quickly weaved down her options to ... CiviCRM integrated in Drupal.

But that is not all ... with the new wave of...

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14 March, 2016

Hi! My name is Christian Maltais. I'm a founding member of Praxis Labs Coop. We recently launched a Civi hosting service with automated updates. However, I also wanted to help the community on a more personal level. Since I'm not a developer, I felt unsure. How could I fit in?

Luckily, the Civi folks are very welcoming, and the project needs all sorts of skills. I studied litterature in college, and I'm a pretty good copy editor. Turns out the "Features" section on civicrm.org needed some editing. That felt just right for me, so I got on it.

Editing is like thinning and weeding your garden. You're moving or removing what gets in the way; identifying and fixing potential problems.

Online readers have notoriously low patience. That's your biggest problem.

You can't make the readers more patient. You can however remove the things that try their patience, so that should...

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08 March, 2016
By seank

At our wonderfully well-attended and interesting CiviDay Bristol (here and here), somehow I managed to become co-opted as the chief co-ordinator for CiviCON London 2016 - 6th-7th October - and I'm reliably informed that organising for this event starts now, or earlier even.

The first thing for me to to do is to find out all the stuff I don't know, things like like who is going to help me, what resources exist from previous conferences and what the budgets are likely to be. Michael's budget summary for Colorado 2015 is particularly interesting https://civicrm.org/blogs/michael-mcandrew/civicon-denver-2015-financials but would be much more useful if the exchange rates weren't so volatile!

I'll also be...

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31 January, 2016
By josh

Back in May of 2013, Dave Greenberg made a push to improve the marketing of CiviCRM, resulting in a team of partners and contributors working together to help raise awareness and promote the software. Fast forward to 2016 and we’re continuing to market CiviCRM, building upon their initial efforts. Today, we’re taking another step. Consistent with the Core Team’s organizational objective of creating defined project teams, we’re pushing forward with the formalization of a dedicated CiviCRM Marketing Team.

Tasked with scaling the size of the ecosystem, the marketing team will consist of working groups with specific responsibilities and objectives, the culmination of which will result in a coordinated strategy and in its substantive implementation. Why am I highlighting the...

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23 October, 2015
I'm excited to provide a final report from the CiviCRM User Summit, which was held in Washington, DC, September 24-25.
The Summit expanded to two days this year, allowing us to increase the number of sessions offered and add an unconference track.  Attendees proposed and voted on unconference sessions at the beginning of the User Summit, and we had a wonderful variety of topics.
The vast majority of attendees rated their experience at the conference "great" or "outstanding", and all but one survey respondent would recommend the User Summit to their colleagues for next year.
In particular, User Summit attendees valued the PURLs session presented by Peter Petrik, the keynote by Amy Sample Ward, and the...
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19 October, 2015
By katetak

Salvation Army Echelon, the official young adult auxiliary of The Salvation Army, is the product of an idea that began in Dallas, Texas in 2010. Echelon is the next generation of community action for the Salvation Army. Men and women age 21 to 35 engage in networking, fundraising and community service in chapters across the U.S.

After the network of chapters expanded from one club in Dallas to several clubs across the nation, Salvation Army Echelon wanted a solution to house the chapters under one umbrella while allowing each club to customize their own site. They chose Skvare based on their expertise in CiviCRM and the added benefit of having all web-related services - web development, hosting and maintenance - provided by one company.

Angie Harmon, Chair of PR & Communications of the Echelon Peoria Advisory Board says,...

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30 September, 2015
By josh

In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t spend a ton of time on marketing and sales. Not only is our budget for marketing small (and by 'small', I mean 'tiny'), just take a quick look at the makeup of the Core Team and at our roadmap and you should get a good sense of what our focus is (and is not). Like most things CiviCRM, we rely on our community to help spread the word about the project and the benefits of using the software. The good thing about open source, however, is that there are a ton of ways to be involved and to help promote CiviCRM as an active member of its community!

One such way is to provide feedback to those that may be considering CiviCRM on sites like G2 Crowd and Capterra...

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14 July, 2015
By pkeogan

I am often asked by our clients to help with hire a CiviCRM administrator.  This can be a new hire or a promotion of someone within the organization.  Although every organization has specific needs, I've found the below job description to be helpful as a starting point.  Hopefully you can find it helpful as well.


Position Overview
The CRM Administrator is responsible for the overall administration and support for the CiviCRM Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system. The successful candidate is not necessarily a technologist, but a person:
  • with a good understanding how a CRM should and can be utilized across the organization.
  • who has skills using online technology and has the curiosity and expertise to learn CiviCRM and participate in the CiviCRM community.
  • who is someone who wants to be a go-to person for the users. The candidate should be an advocate for the CiviCRM within the organization and...
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21 April, 2015

In honour of CiviCon 2015, iATS Payments excited to announce a new referral program to help spread the word about using the iATS Payments extension for CiviCRM!  

The concept is quite simple.  Refer an organization to iATS Payments and when their account is approved both your organization and theirs will get $100 to spend as you wish!  This could go towards your cause, a special project, cupcakes for the office - or whatever you like!

Follow this link to learn more and to submit the required details to us.  The iATS Payments account coordinators are standing by to help!

iATS Payments is proud to support the CiviCRM community.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to iatsmarketing@iatspayments.com.