Sunday, November 23, 2014 - 07:59
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Donate Now!  In the 10 years that CiviCRM has been around, it has helped a wide spectrum of nonprofits, from the internationally recognized nonprofits (such as Amnesty International, and Doctors without Borders) to lesser known nonprofits (such as Ambassadors Football, Youth Orchestra Bucks County) raise funds and organize volunteer efforts that truly make a difference in our world. 

CiviCRM has created a robust web-based, open source, highly customizable, CRM to meet organizations’ highest expectations right out-of-the box.  There aren’t any licensing fees nor subscriptions fees!  Each new release of this open source software reflects the very real needs of its users as enhancements are continually given back to the community.  When you use CiviCRM, you still own your data and code, and if your needs are very specific, you can modify and extend CiviCRM without restriction.

Whether you are using CiviCRM right out of the box, or adding customizations, you ARE benefiting from this open source software.  You have been able to leverage your customizations from the infrastructure and platform that was developed by the CiviCRM core team and its continually evolving functionality that meets the changing needs of nonprofits.  

CiviCRM depends on your generous support and contributions.  You don’t need to wait until December 2nd to make a donation!  Contribute today to ensure that CiviCRM continues to provide you with a powerful tool to help you achieve your organization’s mission.  Campaign open now until Dec. 31st.