Friday, November 14, 2014 - 10:38
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Hey CiviCRM community...there’s less than a month left before Giving Tuesday...18 days to be exact!  We need your participation!

The time is now to spread our message across social media and email.  
We have started a twitter picture contest for cutest and funniest picture tweeted.  All you have to do is tweet pictures of yourselves, family members (pets included), and/or memes holding a paper sign that says:  “Donate to #CiviCRM because ___________ (fill in the blanks).  If you’d like, you can fill it with …”it helps Nonprofits make this a better world for us.”  Use your phone to take the picture, it doesn't have to be complicated.  The tweet can be a reiteration of your sign with the hashtags #CiviCRM and #GivingTuesday and link it to the donation page    Don’t forget to retweet each others pictures!  What’s the prize?  Bragging rights and knowing that you’re helping sustain CiviCRM.
For those of you that also want to followup with your clients with an email, this is the email BackOffice Thinking sent our clients.  Feel free to use and edit.  
Thanks for your continuous support!  

Photo:  Courtesy of Byron Woodson