2013-08-30 11:15
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This coming Friday, September 6, is the first and most {event.event_type} CiviCRM conference on the East Coast, CiviCamp. Held in {address.location_type} downtown Washington, DC, CiviCamp is a one-day conference along with a two-day training, code and documentation sprint, and showcase reception: a chance to learn and meet other CiviCRM users, {contact.contact_sub_type}, and developers.

Register online by midnight PDT tonight, August 30, and you can save $15 off the {contribution.financial_type} for the conference. We will also accept last-minute registrations by cash, credit card, or {contribution.payment_instrument} at the door.

While you're at it, register in advance for the CiviCRM showcase, brought to you by BackOffice Thinking on the evening of September 5. The event is free, and as a thank-you for signing up in advance, you'll get two free drink tickets for wine, {contact.favorite_beverage}, or soda.

Join {contact.first_name} and other CiviCRM folks from {contact.state_province} and even as far as {} at this focal event for the CiviCRM community in eastern North America. You'll learn a lot, and {contact.current_employer} will be glad to invest such a reasonable amount for a conference where you'll learn so much.

We look forward to seeing you here in DC!

P.S. Confused? Learn about tokens in the CiviCRM book.