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2014-10-20 03:45
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It's been a year since we started the Partner Marketing Committee, during this year we tried to move forward some initiatives with great effort from all the members of the Committee. 
We used $ 6,ooo USD from the Marketing budget for helping partners represent CiviCRM in the following events:
  • 3 additional registrations for NTEN 2014
  • Movements social justice fundraising conference
  • Open Expo Day - Open Source Trade Show in Madrid (Spain).
  • Social Media promotion for Civi User Summit
  • CiviCRM Booth Allied Media Conference June 20-22nd in Detroit.
  • Funds for CiviCRM booth at Stronger Together
  • 10x10 booth at Science Fair + 1 conference registration. Science Fair NTEN 2015
This $ 20,000 USD budget came from the Partner Program that started last year. There is still some money left in the budget so please get in touch so you have interesting projects!
Nicolas did some great work with statistics and we reviewed some interesting PR proposals from different agencies. We are working on a 6 months PR plan, defining goals and talking with people that are interested in it.

Break down into small projects

During CiviCon London 2014 and the Edale Sprint we had some discussions about what worked this year, what didn’t work and how can we keep moving forward marketing, PR and promotion efforts with the collaboration of the community and engaging with Core Team. 
Although all the Members of the committee spent a lot of time in the meetings and brought very good ideas, we had a hard time passing from the discussions to the action. In my personal opinion, the lack of a lead that could coordinate, follow up, help and facilitate resources for achieving our goals was something to be improved. 
After doing this analysis, a new approach came up. A new approach that could help to achieve concrete goals with the volunteer effort from the community, engaging with the Core Team and also making use of the marketing budget but with some objectives defined. This new approach consist in:
  • Split different initiatives into projects that can be done in less than 4-6 months with a Lead per project and concrete and measurable goals
  • Have monthly meetings with Core Team so we can update the status of different projects and make sure that we are all rowing in the same direction
  • Have a meeting with all the project leads each 3 / 4 months to review work done so far and identify needs, gaps, etc. that can be worked on in future projects.
There has been a lot of effort in marketing during the last years. I tried to gather all of those great assets and put them together in the Wiki. Anyone with a good idea, project or want to jump in into some of the ongoing initiatives, welcome!


Congrats on getting things started and supporting a variety of good event oriented marketing.

Your proposal to have an accountable lead for each initiative, with a mandate to get it done, coordinating as required with core team, is sound. Alot will depend on good leads and their commitment of time beyond meetings.