04 June, 2015
By alainb
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Come meet other people who are interested in, using or developing for CiviCRM.

More info + registration


01 June, 2015
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Venez nous rejoindre et échanger avec les utilisateurs français lors du prochain Meet up !

Jeudi 18 Juin de 17h à 19h.

Plus d'infos et s'inscrire ici. Nous remercions CCFD-Terre Solidaire pour leur accueil.

Contact : valerie@cividesk.com

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31 March, 2015
By elijah
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Have you ever wanted to start a local CiviCRM user group? Or introduce CiviCRM to more local nonprofits? NetSquared might be able to help you kickstart a meetup through a co-hosted event.

I'm Eli, the Community Manager for NetSquared, a global volunteer-run network of nonprofit technology meetups. Our group leaders are currently holding events in 50 cities (across 20 countries) and they have venues and relationships with local nonprofits. But what they don't have is access to is experts who can come in and lead a presentation or workshop introducing these tech-minded nonprofiteers to the tools they can help solve their problems.

That's where you come in! I'd love to connect CiviCRM Ambassadors to my NetSquared local organizers. They can handle all the logistics of holding an event and you get to play the expert. :-)

What do you think? Does this sound like a fit for the...

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05 February, 2015
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If you live in the northeastern United States you know I've been very passionate about growing the NYC meetup... unless you never check your email, have already marked any mail from me as spam and/or don't check social media. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year for not only the NYC crew, but the community as a whole and I hope to do everything I can to bring that to fruition. 

Connecticut has long been a the awesome little state (with no tolls) between New York and Boston. We're the battleground state between the withering Yankees Empire and the mighty Red Sox Nation. We've long accepted our position between two of the largest and most storied US cities, remember once Hartford was "New England's rising star". We may be quaint, expensive and sometimes forgotten... but we deserve a CiviCRM meetup and we shouldn't have to travel hours to do it!

I've setup a ...

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04 February, 2015
By mpeth

CiviDay Cologne (or Köln, as the city is called in German) was a pretty lively gettogether of CiviCRM old-timers and newcomers. It was hosted by Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst and SYSTOPIA Organisationsberatung. With 16 participants it showed healthy interest in CiviCRM in (western) Germany. After all, this was the first meetup of its kind in the Cologne-Bonn area, and CiviCRM usage and community networks in Germany generally still have some room to grow. So we are already planning on follow-up user meetings since a strong community will be the key to CiviCRM's success here.

Newbies could get their feet wet in a brief introduction to CiviCRM. Naturally, there was a lot of interest in how CiviCRM can be adapted to specific German organizations' needs. The good news is that we have already made a pretty good part of the way. With extensions for SEPA direct debit, automated processing of bank statements and generation of donation receipts according to German law, the most...

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31 January, 2015
By noah
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This year's San Francisco Bay Area CiviDay meetup "felt like a family reunion," according to one attendee, and no wonder it seemed homey: its venue was the large but comfortable common space of a cohousing community in Oakland. Over 30 people (reportedly over 40 at the peak) filled the dining room chairs, including CiviCRM core team members, nonprofit workers considering CiviCRM for their organizations, current users, consultants and developers looking to integrate CiviCRM with their own products.

CiviCRM cofounder Dave Greenberg gave us the origin story and described how a remarkably compact team (compared with some other CRM platforms) got us to where we are today after getting "bit by the open source bug" 10 years ago. Recently, a dedicated core group have been working hard to get CiviCRM on a solid, sustainable footing as the project outgrows its original funding model. Dave outlined the new ...

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30 January, 2015
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The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) will be taking place in Austin, TX on March 4-6, 2015. In addition to having a booth, there are a number of CiviCRM events planned around the Conference.

On Monday, March 2, there will be a 6 hour CiviCRM Super User training. This training is meant for CiviCRM users who have a good grasp of CiviCRM and are ready to learn more about best practices for contact management, everything you can do with profiles, being an import champion and how to use the CiviCRM community to learn more and give back (and much more). Coffee and lunch is included. $195 for registration

Progressive Technology Project is offering the Grassroots...

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30 January, 2015
By pmoz
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We've been using Civi here in Pittsburgh, PA for a few years now and would love to connect with other local users.

I'm considering organizing a Pittsburgh Meet Up but don't want to be the only one sitting at the table!  

Whether you are currently a CiviCRM user or a potential user, drop me a note (pmosey@chscorp.org) or add a comment here and let's get the ball rolling.  Skill level is a non-factor.



New York


Tel Aviv...


Sounds pretty good!

The goal would be to eventually organize a Pittsburgh Meet Up and represent the Three Rivers on CiviDay 2016.

Spread the Word.

17 November, 2014
By Detlev
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CiviCRM-Anwender, -Implementierer und -Interessierte zusammenbringen: Seit 2 Jahren veranstaltet Software für Engagierte e.V. mehr oder weniger regelmäßig in verschiedenen deutschen Städten CiviCRM-Treffen, wo in einem Rahmen von ca. 2 Stunden CiviCRM-bezogene Fragen miteinander besprochen werden können.

In Berlin treffen wir uns einigermaßen regelmäßig, immer am letzten Donnerstag eines ungeraden Monats.

Donnerstag, 27. November 2014, 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr

c/o Parlamentwatch e.V. & GmbH
Fidicinstr. 30, Ecke Kloedenstraße
10965 Berlin


Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Damit wir besser planen können, wäre es aber schön, wenn ihr euch hier anmelden würdet!

Themenvorschläge sind:

  • Vorstellung von CiviCRM für "Neulinge"
  • Berichte von der CiviCon2014...
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14 November, 2014
By bgm
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The CiviCRM Montreal meetups are back, don't miss the next meetup, on Wednesday November 19th! This time we are also hosting a community "clinic" from 5pm to 6pm. Evaluating CiviCRM for your organisation? Questions on day to day usage, administration or development? We will do our best to answer. First come, first served! Please register as soon as possible, so that we may plan the event accordingly.

  • 5 PM to 6 PM: CiviCRM community clinic
  • 6 PM to 7 PM: What's new in the CiviCRM community? Followed by a presentation of CiviCRM 4.5, released on September 18.
  • 7 PM to 8 PM: Informal talk.

The event is hosted by the Maison Parent-Roback, located at 110, rue Sainte-Thérèse, room 107, H2Y 1E6, near the metro stations Champ de Mars or Place d'Armes on the orange line.

For questions or comments, contact: Mathieu Lutfy (...

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